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  1. Wreigir

    Question about Freelancers

    I'm playing Evolved and want to make freelancers have more stuff. But it seems it has a limit of how many items there can show up in the item selection of their equipment. Any way to remove it?
  2. Wreigir

    Maiden Recruits and Horse Archers

    This is a thread for 2 questions I have. How do you get Perisno Maiden Recruits How do you effectively use horse archers in combat. For me when I want them to charge, they go straight at the enemy, shoot point blank and if they are alive they sometimes go ride around the enemy and shoot. I...
  3. Wreigir

    Necromancy, my opinion.

    So I tried necromancy and it is... PRETTY COOL. It looked really fun to see a zombie-skeleton ****storm wipe the floor with enemy (and their own) bodies. Necromany pros and cons: PROS [list type=decimal] Cheap army with recruitment available in the camp menu. Good cannon fodder. Actually good...
  4. Wreigir

    Grinding made quicker

    Is there a quicker way to saw logs? Like fasten up the whole sawing thing or giving more timber per log? I don't want to sit 10 minutes holding F.
  5. Wreigir


    I was having fun using MB Barracks Editor and tried re-balancing the world in Floris. Starting with Swadians, who get it in the ass. I gave them crossbows, gave infantry some shields, made their stuff a bit better. Sarranids I gave them GUNS. Of course i increased its reload speed. Again, gave...
  6. Wreigir

    Troop exp amount

    Hello, I've been making a mod and i want to know, what decides how much exp does a troop need to level up. Is it the level? If yes, how much exp you need per troop level?
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