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  1. Dago Wolfrider

    [Werewolf] - Verona 1117 - Innocents win

    Prologue Mille redemptoris lapsi vertigine Solis annis centenis septem, Alberto Sambonifacio regente, sub Siginfredo episcopo, Jesu sanctissimi nominis die, Mercurii die. After the sunset the earth started shaking so vigorously that the water of river Po created an archway in the air and then...
  2. Dago Wolfrider

    [Werewolf] - Verona 1117 Sign Up/ Off topic chat between lunches and lynches

    This is the Sign Up thread for the Werewolf game that will take place once the current game will end. Read this for more information. Everyone is invited and encouraged to spread the word. Players: - SootShade aka Galfrido. - Big McLarge-Huge aka Aiulf. - Xardob aka Mercuzio. - Jock aka...
  3. Dago Wolfrider

    Happy Saint Valentine, who do you marry in Perisno?

    Hi everyone, let us know of your favourite marriage! I always marry Lady Eirendra, the daughter of Lucarion.
  4. Dago Wolfrider

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

    The third film of the trilogy based on an alternate version of the two seasons of Code Geass has been released in Japan. In 4 months it will be in American cinemas. Your thoughts, prejudices,... ? No spoilers please.
  5. Dago Wolfrider

    The best name for the god of death of Perisno

    Other names are well accepted. Let us know which is your favourite. P.S. Check out the New gods, old gods and others poll too. Jokes are not meant to offend anyone and will probably be replaced if you will provide me with good names and if you do not vote for them.
  6. Dago Wolfrider

    Happy Halloween! What is the scariest thing in Perisno that you faced?

    The title is self explanatory, I hope. Let us know.  :party:
  7. Dago Wolfrider

    How to enable formations even without PBOD

    I am quoting a post from moddb that proved to work: "For everyone that wants to use the formation ranks this is possible without PBOD do this : 1)open the module.ini located in the perisno 0.9 folder , 2)search for formations , 3)at the line "use advanced formations" change the 0 to a 1 , now...
  8. Dago Wolfrider

    New gods, old gods or others?

    Another funny poll, who do your character believe in? Let us know.
  9. Dago Wolfrider

    PBOD or not PBOD

    Who misses PBOD as much as I do? Who does not care and who does not like it? Let us know! May PBOD resurrect one day.  :cry:
  10. Dago Wolfrider

    To export or not to export a previous character?!?

    0.9 is out. Are you going to export one of your previous character or not? Let us know.
  11. Dago Wolfrider


    Are you pro Zann or you find slaying them all the best feature of this mod? Let us know!  :iamamoron:
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