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  1. builder of the gods

    BL Coding overwriting native troops

    While overriding native troops by using an xml file with the same name and troop with the same id i find they are not overwritten as they are with other files. Is there any way you guys know of that overrides the native troop completely? - my mod loads first - i use the same id - i use the same...
  2. builder of the gods

    SP Native Battle Speech - Pre-Battle General Speech Mod

    Great work!
    For the cheering, I spoke to a guy who already made that, (open source)
    If you are on discord I could connect you to him
  3. builder of the gods

    Native Other Faction election

    This is a suggestion not a released mod, please don't post suggestions in this subforum.
  4. builder of the gods

    SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    Me too! Ill upload the source to nexus, its very simple and highly configurable through the xml file
    thanks for uploading this with source, TWOTS will probably use this if the devs don't fix this themself in a future update
  5. builder of the gods

    Xml error sniper

    It's nice and all but I find that manually editing XML files is a terrible practice anyway...
    It's pretty easy to load and edit XML files in C#, that way multiple mods could modify the same file
    We use codeshare so we can work with them at the same time
  6. builder of the gods

    Xml error sniper

    Hey there fellow hard working modders, lately I have struggled a bit with debugging xml files as the log really gives you zero information. I also saw lots of question on the forum and discord about people having problems with xml, so I am writing this for me and my coding team and thought you...
  7. builder of the gods

    BL Coding How to remove crafted items from the game?

    (spitems in sandboxcore, templates and parts in native) this needs editing of xml files
  8. builder of the gods

    BL Coding How to remove crafted items from the game?

    they are, alle pieces are stored in the xmls as well as the combined weapon and the template for its stats
  9. builder of the gods

    BL Coding Adding weapon parts, game crashes at launch

    No it’s better to start a mod, there is something wrong with your submodule.xml obviously.

    look at this documentation and try to copy it
  10. builder of the gods

    BL Coding Bannerlord Mods via IronPython?

    Yeah i understood what it is, but i thought they said they wouldnt release the code, thanks for the clarification
  11. builder of the gods

    BL Coding Bannerlord Mods via IronPython?

    it doesnt matter which language you use really, you can find threads discussions about using Javascript, VB, etc.

    Not using C# tho just means you are isolating yourself. You will have trouble with guides, tutorials, using OSP code, asking questions, etc. Using the tool that everyone else uses makes things easier for you as well.

    devs didnt release the modding tools yet, which includes the game code. So you can expect things to change when that happens, including how C# is used.

    it also doesnt matter if you use hooks or not. Its the same as using hooks with C#. If the code changes, and it will change a lot for EA, things will continue to break often for mods. You need to support a version and stick with that, not the live one. Eventually the game will stable and the API should also be stable enough that mods wont be fragile.

    and when we get total conversion modules that will not be a problem, as they will just have the game code (not the engine code) with them, so it is very unlikely that updates to the Native game would break them.
    This guy was helping out warband modders and is still helping today Xd, quick question tho
    Did the devs say the game code was being released? I thought they said they would not release it
  12. builder of the gods

    BL Coding How to make an item into market?

    <Item id="velvet"
    <Flags Civilian="true" />
    <Item id="cheese"

    note the differences between cheese (buyable at village) and velvet (not buyable at village (i think xd) ) the type is the same so probably is defined by the item category
  13. builder of the gods

    BL Coding Calculating Weapon Stats

    for a non crafted item you can simply set the stats, for a crafted item try to make a “eijkgrafiek” basicly just put in 30 different values for weight as example and make a graph in excel for it then make a trendline and get a formula, voila you got your formula now
  14. builder of the gods

    BL Coding How to make an item into market?

    Make it merchandisable, just search for a item you find in the shop in the xml files and you should find a reference to something like “merchandise” just copy that for your item
  15. builder of the gods

    BL Coding How to remove crafted items from the game?

    Smithed weapons exist as weapons but also as parts, if you want to remove them you need to at least get rid of their referencing in templates, you probably need to remove the parts and the item to (spitems in sandboxcore, templates and parts in native) this needs editing of xml files

    A quick fix for your problem would be just disabling the merchandisable option.
  16. builder of the gods

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    Missed change to call this 2pactool xd
  17. builder of the gods

    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    I got two very specialized questions.
    I feel the game AI is far from optimized and the idea of using an individual AI for each troops is quite extensive, i would rather use methods like a partial mass AI to make sure we can host enormous battles so my questions are.

    1: will it be possible to shutdown the AI of troops?
    2: will it be possible to edit rendering distance or select the showing of lods based on ingame distance?
  18. builder of the gods

    BL Coding Increasing battle size beyond 1000 troop limit.

    Still the question is, do we need 1000+ Individual ai?

    there are multiple alternatives
    - mass AI (kinda weak)
    - partial mass AI, so what if we only use individual ai on troops that are close to the player? Then let the other troops run by mass AI.
    Pretty sure this won’t be a doable for us modders but its at least something taleworlds could have thought about, 3000 man clashing on the battlefield would have been pretty epic.
  19. builder of the gods

    So I guess the question is. Will there be a Bannerlord Gekokujo?

    I’m the author of the way of the sword, thanks for the reference, join our discord if you want daily updates.

  20. builder of the gods


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