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  1. Server files

    Any dedicated server files?
  2. Change apperance

    Any way to change the way you look after you created your character like in Native Warband?
  3. Modding Dialogue?

    Heya, I was wondering if it is possible to edit the module_dialogue of the mod. If so, is it possible to have the changes affect a current save game? I have the module_system downloaded, I edited the module_dialogue and ran the .bat file. It then gave me a file called 1257ADdialoguestates...
  4. Sigmund ripped me off?

    I hired Sigmund today after scavenging up 10,000 denars. I do not have a castle to keep him in, so I asked him to stay where he was in the Uxhaul inn. Confident that he would stay, I left to go pick up some things in the market however when I came back he was gone. This obviously was upsetting...
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