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  1. Suggestion General Custom map entities

    Oh man that's great! Looking forward to it, thanks for sharing.
  2. Suggestion General Custom map entities

    I've been trying to set up a spawnable + interactable entity on the campaign map, something like randomly spawning treasure chests. It seems like the engine is hardcoded to only have Settlements and MobileParties as actual interactable targets, since the MobileParty class only has functions that...
  3. Resolved Soft lock after interacting with own party (save with reproduction steps)

    SAVE FILE: (sorry if this is a bad site) I had an army going with 3 of my 4 parties, and was following the last one in order to manually add them to the army. Their move speed was slightly higher, so I was close behind, but not going to reach them. I decided to add...
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