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  1. Resolved Does "disallow ranged" work?

    Late response but the support can't really do anything about your problem here. It's a purely cosmetic issue which you have and nearly none of them has the skillset to mod Warband, so it would be a huge investment of time for such a little thing. The best way to achieve your goal is to use Morgh's Editor and edit the equipment and flags of the bots accordingly. Keep in mind that you both need to have that mod installed (which is otherwise purely a copy of the Native module but renamed to something else) and the server needs to run it as well.
    This appears to work! My son and I both THANK YOU for this info! And thanks to Morgh for making this editor! :grin:
  2. Resolved Does "disallow ranged" work?

    But yeah, bots arent coded to abide by the server rules, at least not the disallow ranged rule. Sadly, I couldn't find any mods that can circumvent this
    Thank you for confirmation of that. Even if it doesn't solve the problem, the peace of mind helps, and I appreciate it. 'Support' wasn't willing to help at all with this matter beyond directing me to post here. They've basically ignored my follow-up contact, even after telling me to reach out again if I have any questions.

    I'll have to see if I can manage to mod it in. One post I saw mentioned manually replacing all ranged weapons in some data file. I guess it's time to try and learn some modding.
  3. Resolved Does "disallow ranged" work?

    Wait...why wouldn't I need the option if I'm hosting the game? Again, maybe I'm misunderstanding.

    What I'm attempting to do is host games with my kid and bots/AI, without archery getting involved. It seems that even with the setting enabled, although we (human players) cannot choose archery, the bots do so readily, completely ignoring the setting. I'm using 1.174, GOG (no one there is even discussing Warband, it seems).

    Am I missing something obvious? Please inform, and thanks for responding. You're the first out of 83 reads at this point.
  4. Resolved Does "disallow ranged" work?

    Could someone try it? Takes less than a minute. It's hard to believe that such a feature could have been released in a not-working state and yet no one commented, so I leave open the possibility that I'm just doing something wrong.
  5. Resolved Does "disallow ranged" work?

    Hi all, new to the forum. I searched the topic in advance so apologies if this has already been discussed. That out of the way... I recently (as a fan of M&B since the beginning) bought Warband version 1.174 from GOG to enjoy with my kid. I'm having trouble getting the "disallow ranged weapons"...
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