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  1. Reinforcements Spawn Points Ruin Battles!!

    Yes, what you have described is called "cheesing". Ultimately this is not a sustainable, not fun to many after a few times, way to play the game. You will always win doing such tactic. No challenge in that. What we are asking for is not another way to cheese the game, but for dev to think and implement an action that will present a moderate level of challenge to the player.
    It is not cheese. It is just meta.
  2. Reinforcements Spawn Points Ruin Battles!!

    Wish that the spawns were chained to be "X" in-game meters / yards behind the captains of your formations (with logic to catch if they're out of bounds) - obviously the spawn meshing is pretty well thought out since you can get in so many across a variety, just needs to be accounted for.
    Yes. And they need some huge Standart that shows "SPAWN IS HERE"
  3. In Progress Game just freezes to death in battle

    Summary: Game just freese, but sound and music is going on. I forced to ctr+alt+del How to Reproduce: custom battle Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: GTX 2080 GPU Driver Version: 471.68 CPU: i5-8400 RAM...
  4. How the hell do I get high tier armor?

    Dont torture yourself, use this.
  5. Low Tier units vs High Tier units

    but I think the biggest reason because high-tier units do not feel as strong as they should, is because the equipment is simply 200% more relevant than skill in this game.
    It is true.

    Remember Sturgian t4 spearman? He wasnt able to win against t3 archers in melee fight.
  6. Reinforcements Spawn Points Ruin Battles!!

    Yeah , may give it a that you should have to
    I found only this way to play as footman. Every other way leads to surrounding by enemy spawns and death.
  7. CPU dependent settings.

    What the "Texture streaming budget" exactly do?

    How turn on Dlss?
    I found only this Texture Streaming Budget (GPU memory) - Recommended: LOW for < 2 GB VRAM, MEDIUM 2-3 GB, HIGH 4+ GB
  8. Reinforcements Spawn Points Ruin Battles!!

    So , I every time I killed 20 of theirs in melee they were instantly replaced where as my replacements were strung out in a long line all the way back to the edge of the map.
    Thats why melee infantry is useless crap and you need to play archer heavy army to be that camper guy and abuse that system for yourself.

    Sadly, but it is how the game works
  9. CPU dependent settings.

    The biggest CPU hogs are Shadow Type & Battle Size. After that ragdolls and corpses are probably the next biggest things.

    Cloth Simulation and interactive grass are also bits you can turn off.

    I would recommend turning on DLSS; it will actually improve FPS (though might make the game slightly 'blurry' on some settings.

    Best thing to do would just be to fiddle with some settings and boot up custom battles with the steam FPS count on. See what effects your system the most.
    Thank you i will try
  10. CPU dependent settings.

    I have good GPU gforce 2080 I have bad CPU i-5 8400. (16 gb Ram, SSD) So i really want to know which settings are using more CPU\GPU to load GPU as much as possible and dont load CPU too much. Right now my setup is: 1. Anti-aliasing Temporal Smaa x2 2. Shader Quality - High 3. Texture...
  11. Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    Pikes are still terrible as you can see.
    Spearmen are slightly better but really bad still.
    2handers do really well generally
    Yep. Spears and pikes are still garbage
  12. Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    That... kinda works! Not bad at all!

    @MostBlunted neither do I, but some people complain about rate of fire already...!
    Not bad, but after charge pikemen still got wrecked in melee by that cavalry.
    And some 2 handers can do against cavalry far far better.
  13. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    I mean imagine a knight fully armored tied to the ground with an angry mob of peasants heavy war hammer in hand... might not one-shot him, but I imagine the knight wont end well.
    Ye. Good point. Agree
    2)would be a pathfind issue, which I don't think would be fixed soon.
    Moshpits should be fixed becouse
    1) 500 v 500 Battles last 1 minute.
    2) It destroys performance. I have 90 FPS in 1000 v 1000. But in melee clash it drops to 20. To much hits to calculate.
  14. Battle Spawn Points Need to Change Dynamically

    I think that ANY spawn system in battle is a crap. Becouse it reward camping\defending and punish atacking.

    And only solution is to split one huge battle to few small.

    BUT! Right now you spend SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time on useless crap like closing distance and chasing this one last horse archer
  15. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    Are you talking about a mod?
    Yes. While AI just holding and holding block - it is pretty damn boring.

    There are two more problems:

    1) Base damage is stupidly high. In WB base damage was low but modifier was high. In BL base damage is stupidly high and modifier is low.
    It means pesant with 2 hander can onesshot elite knight.
    2) Moshpits and overheads. Mobs will create a blob then spam overheads. It means that every single hit is headshot with bonus damage.
  16. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    Imho damage calculations and ai that actually tries to survive are both necessary and would definitely make battles more tactical and last longer
    I played "more defensive AI" As player it was boring as hell.
  17. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    although both options are umbrella terms that applies to many minor tweeks. buffing armor will no doubt also affect both infantry and cavalry. more specifically their already low damage output.
    Low damage output? Melee battles 500 v 500 lasts 1.5 minutes
  18. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    In every single playthrough I plan on going melee heavy, I end up with massed ranged units anyways, since they are just so much, much more effective. It's boring, and does not feel very medieval, even if it truly is realistic.
    It is true.

    And melee units are garbage not only bevouse they are just worse in fights:

    BUT melee infantry has more problems:

    1) Battles become endless kite game. Enemy runs away from you, you chase him. And it never ends, becouse archers are faster. And it is so fkn boring.
    But when you have tons of archers - enemy forced to atack you.
    2) Battles just dont want to end, becouse this few horse archers dont want to surrender. And again melee infantry sucks in this situation.
    3) If your PC cant run 2500 vs 2500 you will face reinforcment system. And it sucks. Melee infantry is just AWFUL in such battles.
    Becouse they are doomed to go into enemy spawn (becouse enemy with more archers will just camp spawn) and die surrounded by enemy reinforcements. And if you are not mounted - you will die with them
    4) Khuzaits
  19. Looter's throwing stones and insane bow's mysteries are solved

    TW logic is like:

    Sharp sword deals 1 damage to armor
    Same sword but blunt - ignores armor completly

    Becouse physics i guess. Just try it yourself with knife.

    BTW 0.1kg rock? Lol even good punch is more deadly
  20. When is TWs actually going to add a major feature?

    I dont care about Vanila at all.

    They only need to do good ground for modding.
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