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  1. New player questions

    Dont wanted to create new theme so here the question: can somebody give me link where to download mod where you can buld a small fort for defence?
  2. What do do next?

    Guildmasters give jobs , but increasing level with quests? Best way i know is battle and in peace i cant do this except with bandits
  3. What do do next?

    I have other character who have his own faction, so on this one i want to help nords, i forgot to mention that im too weak for siege a castle or fight alone versus other lord so i cant do anithing hostile if i want to keep their favor. And i wanted to ask is there any ways to keep army morale without fighting?
  4. What do do next?

    I have a question too what do you guys doing when your faction is in peace?? Now i am nord vassal but they at peace now, i dont have any castles so i have nowhere to leave my troops, and party morale is keep going down, no one have any quests for me, and if i atacking caravans or looting villages my relation with nords going down, so what to do when your faction in peace??
  5. Enemy troops DO prioritize the Player

    I noticed that too, when i played my knight character no one have time to prioritize me cuz they all die very fast, but i started my new character whose fighting on foot and 90% of enemies bolts and arrows are flying to me, even if i run away from battle to long distance
  6. Tournaments: how do I use a javelin as 1-H weapon?

    One of my character has no skill in ranged combat except crossbow so in tournament i prefer stabing enemies with javelin, and when i geting bow i just droping it and murdering them with knife  :smile:
  7. Damage vs. Speed

    If i remember right when yor character is low level his atacks can be interupted ( not sure if that true), but when you higher level and have good armor so damage is better thing, except if you are surounded by big group of enemies, in that case both of these things ( speed and damage) will be useles.
  8. You know you've played too much M&B when...

    ...When you leaving your country and creating a Kingdom.
    ...When you can't find where to buy a bastard sword.
  9. Rhodoks step up

    Yoshi vaegirs have knights. I dont distribute knights to power level, for me they all the same, but get at least 20 of them no matter which faction knights and you own everyone. Which cavarly is worser than Vaegirs? -Answer is easy, the only one faction which have cavalry but dont have knights - Khergits.
  10. A no-mounts army.

    Im playing now with nords and making army with no cav. im planing to have army only of nord infantry and vaegirs archers. Non cavalry armies is beter in sieges while cavalry in plains. Between i always playing only with full of cav army or full infantry i dont like to mix things with horses and footmans.
  11. Playing on 100% difficulty is WIN!

    Can anybody say what does battle speed? Becouse i dont see any diferences between normal and fastest
  12. Any mods to remove ranged weapons from tournaments?

    its good that when you have bow youre always having a dagger so i almost always using it :grin:
  13. What is your favorite weapon?

    Recently in shop i found 2h maul or something. Now thats my favorite weapon cuz its fun to bash enemies heads :grin:
  14. Swadian troops sure feel weak in sieges...

    If you want to feel swadia power make your army only of knights. And talking about siege defence they arent weak at all when my kingdom was in war with swadia i tried atack their castle and it was full of crossbowmans (about 60) and everyone else was a knights or man at arms. I played on easy and i only won becouse i atacked castle with other 2 vassals. Im high level and its about 300 days if that change anything. Didnt noticed on begining of my game but now all their lords have same freakin armies like rhodoks, about 60-70 crossbowmans and everyone else is knights.
  15. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Is it worth to give marshal work to one of your vassals when you have your own kingdom? Im wondering that becouse when i starting a new camping my vassals isnt very active, from ~10 vassals only about 2-3 come to follow me, so im little afraid that if i give marshal status to one of them they arent going to do anything to defend or expand my kingdom.
  16. Which Helmet

    Full helm i have it becouse it wasnt in normal m&b and i think its fits for plate
  17. This is so wrong...

    In notes chose a lord and there should be be realtion with leage (or something like that) and there is a number. The higher it is the less chances he join you.
  18. Rescue or Ransom a Prisoner - How about this gets either finished or fixed?

    Hm i completed this mission two times, both got catched and had to fight. When you trying to sneak in enemy city even if you dont doing any quest there always need to fight with 5-6 enemies If you get catched. If its hard to kill them with staff, try to kill one and take his weapon and shield if he have it. When you forcing prison guard to give the keys dont fight that fight if you can (i dont remember right) just go to prison and talk to lord. When you go outside you will receive all you stuff. Just kill everyone around and quest completed. By the way make difficulty to very easy and you should succed. :wink:
  19. Right to Rule - The Scarce Points

    I started my kingdom with having about 20 rtr points and somehow no one wanted a war with me for about 100 days.
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