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  1. gutekfiutek

    [TUTORIAL(sort of..)] Skyboxes.txt partially explained

    Hi all I got pissed off with Warband sun settings and ridiculous angles (sun almost at zenith at noon, almost at horizon during evenings...). So I checked skyboxes.txt and tested few things (just few minutes of testing, really) - to find out what I need to change t have better skies. I don't...
  2. gutekfiutek

    [WB] Polished Buildings - Rhodok Pack (screens pg.3)

    Hi all, again me. Rhodok pack was  - sort of - almost - ready for some time, and I need to finish it finally. Rhodoks will be something like italian/spanish/portugese/turkish mix. Red roofs, lots of stone, a bit ornamental, possibly I will add some wine growing on the walls. Spaces will be more...
  3. gutekfiutek

    B Native Other Polished Landscapes [RELEASED][news pg. 19]

    RELEASED DOwlnoad link: To fix errors displayed in 1.126: Just download this: Place it in\Modules\Polished_Landscapes\Resource (and overwrite file). Warning: compatible with 1.125 - if you have newer...
  4. gutekfiutek

    Polished Landscapes test version [RELEASED]

    Polished Landscapes mod Early test version. This version have no collision for trees! Download: Exactly the same place, new and old version (old without hdr mod). Here is link to more info/screens: ...
  5. gutekfiutek

    Modification to troop experience.

    Hi all. One thing I don't like, is when I have upgraded my troops - lets say Swadians - and I have Swadian Knights. What then? They still gain experience/weapon proficiences (I think) but It's not visible anymore. So I would have for example "veteran Swadian Knight", "experienced Swadian...
  6. gutekfiutek

    Tree collision bug (trees on battle maps)

    I've made topic elsewhere (in The Forge), but I've found bug, so this is more proper forum New objects were done for this mod:,76706.0.html And topic from the forge:,77996.0.html Ok, I've made some tests, I...
  7. gutekfiutek

    New collision for trees problem. Collision only slows down player.

    Hi guys I  need to make new collision for trees/rocks (for Polished landscapes mod). I know about this collision system using spheres, capsules etc. But for my rocks I need collision created from mesh (manifold), so player  (and AIs) will be able to walk on top of those rocks. By the way...
  8. gutekfiutek

    SP Native Darker Corners minimod (fixed)

    This one make corners darker, just like on some photographs, this is often used  in games as part of postprocessing. It modifies user interface mesh and texture. It's really subtle effect, but maybe some of you will like it. Examples: And...
  9. gutekfiutek

    Polished Landscapes - Mipmap Mod 2 [Test version released]

    Test version:,87617.0.html Hi all. Some time ago I've done this:,37173.0.html That mod is not fully compatible with new M&B versions, Fei Dao asked me to fix this, I even started to do thiis, but...
  10. gutekfiutek

    Where I can find dirty vaegir troops?

    Hi. Sorry for noobish question, I just have no time to search for this (I'm quite busy now, finishing Vaegir towns) I have problem with "native" vaegir soldiers/people in towns - they are so clean, shiny, totally out of place. Is there a mod/some skins available so i can have vaegir troops...
  11. gutekfiutek

    Free music for 19(maybe 18th)th century mods

    I've found this webpage while searching for old license free music. Cylinder Preservation Project And their license: The wav files are not protected by copyright and can be used for either noncommerical or for-profit use. The restored versions (mp3...
  12. gutekfiutek

    Polished Buildings - Swadian+Vaegir+some new castles pack (RELEASED)

    Still have no upload access on MB file repository:P So here you have: Small patch Sungethe and Nelag castle fixed. Hi guys Some of you probably know this (already released) mod...
  13. gutekfiutek

    Ctrl+f9 - bullet time!

    I just noticed this - works in cheat mode:) :shock:
  14. gutekfiutek

    Green bump maps

    Hi. Anyone knows how it works? And how I can make one? And is it worth doing? Only thing I can find is: What's the profit of making it that way? And what dxt comression is used for this? Thorgrim wrote that it's common technique, but i've never heard about this. G.
  15. gutekfiutek

    Polished buildings mod [RELEASED] [Siege bug FIX + new pics pg1]

    To install:  extract the archive file to the right directories in M&B folder. For example extract the files to an empty folder, and copy/paste the files from unzipped directories into the Mount & Blade directory - overwriting the original files. EDIT: To fix siege bug, download this file...
  16. gutekfiutek

    Use mipmap fading!

    Hi This modification will take 1 day for all textures. Maybe devs could try it? Anyway foliage textures need to be saved with DXT3 alpha:) Now only is saved correctly.,37173.0.html
  17. gutekfiutek

    Mipmap fading [new version of Light Mipmap Mod! pics pg4]

    [EDIT] New "dark mipmap" version download New "light mipmap" version download Please leave your comments - maybe this effect is too strong, how do you like night battles (maybe its too dark?), maybe do some screenshots if...
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