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  1. faradon

    BETHESDA is apparently working 3 long-term games right now.

    -Suspiciously Similar To The Elder Scrolls: "Space" Edition
    -Suspiciously Similar To The Elder Scrolls: "Survival or something else popular on Twitch" Edition
    -Actually Elder Scrolls  VI: "Another province gets the generic fantasy facelift" Edition
  2. faradon

    Dragon's Dogma



  3. faradon

    Fallout 4

    Havoc said:
    From the looks of things it's going to be a lot better than FO3 and FO:NV. Though they aren't exactly stellar games.
    NV is amazing. I'll fight you, homie.

    Anyway, **** all this HYYYYPE XD BEST GAME EVA ****. There'll never be a day when morons realize getting HYYYPE is for morons.
  4. faradon

    Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    "20 good men" to destroy all the food reserves and the siege weapons (if I heard that correctly). How the flying **** is that even slightly possible? We're talking about an army. Too bad about Stannis. I damn hope he better ends up actually playing an important role for the whole magic ice dudes affair later on. And not just biting it like a sucker next episode after all that.
  5. faradon

    Star Wars: Battlefront (III)

    Yeah, and do you wonder how fun the "missions" will be, thinking back to BF3/4 sp/coop?
  6. faradon

    Star Wars: Battlefront (III)

    Austupaio said:
    O Bannerlord, save me from all these **** video games!
    Implying Bannerlord won't be just another **** game.
    Absolutely heretical!
  7. faradon

    Star Wars: Battlefront (III)

    I weep for the real Battlefront 3 that was shut down, that actually had ground to space combat and had all the previous features.
    The only way I even consider looking at this game again is if the 40 player cap doesn't include bots. Which it will.
    O Bannerlord, save me from all these **** video games!
  8. faradon

    Filming The Hobbit has begun.

    Still haven't seen the last Hobbit movie! Lord of the Rings was a huge thing for me growing up. God, how could it go so far? I was slightly optimistic before the first movie.
  9. faradon

    Dragon's Dogma

    Reviving this mother****er.

    'Online', F2P, micro-transactions, no plans to release in the west. Crapcom ****ing killed it again.
    Even with no existing hopes they find a way to **** you in the *******.
  10. faradon

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    It does look like some inversion of a channel if I think back on having similar troubles. Maybe there's some options in the program you can play around with.
  11. faradon

    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    "Immersive Poop"- PC Masterrace wins yet again!
  12. faradon

    Warhammer Discussion

    Don't you know? The modern, sophisticated tactician only plays his war games with mature toys like shiny knights, samurai, vikings and men in skirts tunicas...
  13. faradon

    Post music that you have composed!

    Most of the time I tweak all the stuff by hand too.
  14. faradon

    Post music that you have composed!

    Free- I think the "best" would be "Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra"
    Very cheap- Miroslav Philhamornik is quite good. If you get good with velocity/volume/etc. you can make it sound surprisingly good. Not sure what else is within this price range, I've only used Miroslav.
  15. faradon

    Your views on cybernetic augmentation?

    I want to end up as an immortal cyborg zooming though space faster than the speed of light. So **** yea.
  16. faradon


    There are a whole lot of animal species that show sexual behavior that we could regard as non-heterosexual behavior, though. So it's probably unreasonable to assume that homosexuality can just die off by not being genetically inherited in some way. It also doesn't seem to support the idea of the upbringing of children being the cause.
    I don't remember ever hearing about a connection of homosexuality and genetics inside a family either. So, hmm, maybe there are more fundamental genetic reasons why there is a chance to be homosexual within the animal kingdom? 
    It's not like I have studied this so I could be wrong. But no matter what the exact reason may be, we can probably say that while not being the norm, it's not socially constructed by humans.
  17. faradon

    Extraterrestrial life-Serious discussion

    I really wish we'd get some kind of contact. I really wanna see how people would react to it. Would be crazy.
  18. faradon

    Andere Spiele

    Insurgency ist tatsächlich ziemlich geilo. Ich hab's schon seit dem Release ein bisschen beäugt, und jetzt bei dem Preis muss man ja zuschlagen.
    Ich würd' sagen es ist wie ein Mix aus einem weniger hektischem Counter-Strike und einem Arma mit guten Shooter-Mechaniken. Coop ist auch cool.
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