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  1. CapnScrub

    Is this a hint at TaleWorlds next game?

    Could we be seeing an open world sandbox RPG Barbie and Ken game in the near future? I heard rumors that there is an unknown project going on and I feel like this is a hint towards that, regardless of today's date. Custom home design, driveable Barbie 4x4s, outfit customisation. Sounds like it...
  2. CapnScrub

    Things We Need in the Game For Real, No BS (maybe some BS) That taleWorlds need to Impliment.

    Hey guys, Just Been thinking about/ Procrasturbating on ideas in the game that I really want implimented. 1. Realistic Battlefield Toilet usage. In real war soldiers would need to go to the toilet, and its a real it shame wasnt implimented on release (if you'll pardon the pun). A Good example...
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