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  1. Deserath

    Ping increase over night

    On 1 server for a mod my ping has jumped nearly double but it remains the same on every other mod. I also had other people check if it was just the server but their pings stayed consistent from what they're used to. Suggestions?
  2. Deserath

    Design my new Tattoo and get paid!

    I'm ready for another Tattoo, I think I've had a good experience in life with an Ex-girlfriend who made me a much better man today. It's highly important to me that any Tattoo I get has meaning and it'll be something I will like for the rest of my life. What am I looking for? Something to go a...
  3. Deserath

    Need a good Book Reccomendation

    Hey there Taleworlds I'm looking to start reading again, I used to love to do it and I'm excited to read again actually. I think I'd like to start off with History, Leaders/Generals or Empires something along those lines. Another option is something that could be considered insightful or really...
  4. Deserath

    Turkey Right Now I know there's a lot of Turkish users here so if any of them could shed some more light on it all.
  5. Deserath

    Scientist Invent Particles that will oxygenate your Body This may seem like something out of a science fiction movie: researchers have designed microparticles that...
  6. Deserath

    Game of Thrones TV Series Dicussion Only

    I sorta' felt another Topic was necessary that could be completely without any Book Spoilers or anything like that. This thread is meant for the people who've not Read the Books and would like to discuss/Speculate about the TV Series.
  7. Deserath

    Sub-forum for IC Posts

    Other mods house an area for Clans/Regiments and things of that nature. -Sub-forum for in Character Posting Only. -Factions, Characters etc -No accusations of randoms and such. If anyone likes or wants to expand/talk about this more go ahead.
  8. Deserath

    South Korean Customs Seize Ground up Babies This is probably one of the more disturbing headlines I've seen.
  9. Deserath

    Hey PW Artists, Want to win something?

    I'm sponsoring a contest for someone to design me a new Wall Paper, All the details are at this thread.,225013.0.html You're some of the more creative people I know so if anyone's interested I encourage you to take a shot at it.
  10. Deserath

    Wall Paper Contest Voting!

    The Guidelines for the Submissions were their Rendition of a Bear Samurai, and appropriately sized for a 1920 x 1080 Monitor. Athenian's Submission. Shalictar's Submission. Madii's Submission. Something with a K's Submission.
  11. Deserath

    Computer Upgrade, Need help!

    Hey there Forumites, before you close the thread I'm offering 20$ prize (collectible either via gifted game on Steam or I'll send it through paypal.) I need someone to find me a Graphics Card, a PSU and  some more RAM that would be compatible with my Computer and would allow for long periods...
  12. Deserath

    I'm leaving!

    Attention? Yo! Hey...Yo! Notice me? Remember me? ... I'll be back with an I'm back Thread and I couldn't stay away etc, etc.
  13. Deserath

    Unban Request US MG

    I was banned under the name Peasant_Elder_Table, the ban happened a few weeks ago, I can't recall the exact date. I and 3 others using the tag Peasant were banned. The altercation which resulted in our ban started with someone telling us to go back to cRPG and that we were sword fags. We then...
  14. Deserath

    What events happened on your B-day?

    Me and a friend were just messin' about over steam when he mentioned some School Work about finding out events that happened in History on his Birthday. His Birthday, June 30th is a host to many disasters in the sky. 2009 – Yemenia Flight 626 crashes into the Indian Ocean, near Comoros, killing...
  15. Deserath

    Your Favorite rgodfrey Conspiracy Theories!

    I thought it was such a shame that the thread was locked so I decided we should remember some of his better days before we all found out.. Since we can't directly quote his ramblings we'll have to suffice with the page. rgodfrey is a pedophile.
  16. Deserath

    Empire TW Co-op Campaign

    Me and a few friends recently had the BETA keys sent to us to unlock the feature for us.. But to our sadness we found out the Battles were..restrictive.. -Auto Resolves all Battles Unless The Two Players have close enough reinforcing Armies -Or if we chose to take control of the AI Army and...
  17. Deserath

    Sound Output

    I've got a pair of head sets that only plugs directly into the USB. How would I configure it so I have the sound come through my Speakers and this headset I just use for talking.
  18. Deserath

    Online Library?

    Is there a place I can go via' my desktop to read Books?
  19. Deserath

    Rock Paper Scissors

    Stay with me on this one... Now in RTS games they mostly have a R P S system to where a certain unit type will crush another. Did this really apply in real life? Sorry if this seems a little vague, if needed I'll expand.
  20. Deserath

    Team Speak Issues

    So I'm at training and I can't access the 22nd TS Server unless it's changed or down at the moment, I have a really limited ammount of time and this comp in the USO is a Windows XP with Norton Anti Virus.
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