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  1. LootMoar

    Steam Achievement Typo

    The "Help Help I'm Being Repressed" achievement's description is "Harass wondering peasants on the map." Should be: Harass wandering peasants on the map. Wondering = Curious to know something. Wandering = Travelling aimlessly from place to place.
  2. LootMoar

    item_kinds1.txt - can someone show me how to find an item's flags?

    Could somebody please help me find what flags exist and how to decode them for the two parts of the text in red? The part in blue I feel has a simple answer that I've yet to figure out. The rest I'm pretty comfortable with, or at least am able to work with it! Please correct any mistakes! PoP...
  3. LootMoar

    AI mesh question

    Hey all - I've been messing around with creating my own custom towns etc, but the one thing I can't figure out is how to delete a section of the ai mesh! It's driving me crazy :P Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you :) Edit: Discovered the answer - because I am on a mac I...
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