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    My ideas on how to streamline the new kingdom process

    I don't know man... I myself find it too easy compared to Warband. The end game would not make sense at all if it'd become even easier. Mercenary companies are not hard to hire... Selling fiefs have been too OP and was purposely nerfed in the recent updates - it ruined all fun in your late game. Your assumptions are completely different than mine. I do not say all you write is wrong, but I guess you should play more and confront this post with your future experience in-game, your future self.
    For context, I have around 1100 hours in Warband and 800 hours in Bannerlord.

    I don't disagree that creating a kingdom can be easy, but you have to take into account the incredible bias that players like you and I have. Hundreds, even thousands of hours playing Warband and Bannerlord have taught us to minmax and prepare in such a way that starting a new kingdom is never hard.

    I'll just gather a party of fully noble units at tier 6 and take whatever I want with a fat 1 million denars, fully married clanmates, 4 parties on the map, all my relations with the clans I want at 100, and plenty of money to convince them to join.

    You can make anything easy in Bannerlord, same as Warband, but my point is more about addressing the difficulty spike that creating a new kingdom has, and how that can be eased with features that allow for additional investment from the player (much like how we all already invest in features, monetarily, socially, and militarily).

    I think the late game should be more challenging than it is. I think the kingdom creation difficulty curve currently trends downward from start to finish, where it should really trend upwards. I didn't get into ideas for how to make late game more difficult because that's not the theme of the post, but I do think that as you expand to be a greater power in Calradia, difficulty should increase along with that. Warband had a neat feature where kingdoms would declare war to curb other factions' power, and I think Bannerlord could use a feature like that.
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    My ideas on how to streamline the new kingdom process

    Right now, creating a new kingdom is really difficult in Bannerlord. This is to be expected; there should be a lot of preparing, planning, and investment in order to create a fully functioning effective kingdom that can ward off other kingdoms. However, I think that this difficulty should...
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    Suggestion: #MakeMercsGreatAgain (A post advocating for an increase in the strength of mercenary units and mercenary clans)

    In the real medieval / classical times, mercenaries were often incredibly powerful tools. This is because mercenaries were often highly experienced and were well equipped. It was quite expensive to hire mercenaries, but it was well worth it for states that couldn't reliably retain armies in...
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    Some thoughts on the general pacing of Bannerlord and how it could be improved given its feature set

    Bannerlord's pacing has been a somewhat contentious topic since launch. This is primarily due to snowballing. The devs did an excellent job in really tackling that problem, and so it doesn't feel like the rush to king that it used to be. However, the pacing of the game as it currently stands...
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    Will the Battanians get Commoner Archers

    I actually agree; battanians should have a main tree archer. The issue is that if I want to play with battanian culture, I obviously want to prioritize a strong archer backline with a solid infantry frontline. The issue is that it's not particularly easy to get noble units, and even worse, it's kind of random. It's difficult if not practically impossible to force a village to start spawning them, and with wars, villages get raided and it becomes more and more difficult.

    In my experience, noble units are something you get other time to supplement your main army. Over time, you might gather more and more, but it's very difficult, especially in the early game, to really build out an army with noble units as a main part of your force. Sure, with Veteran's Respect it can be done, but you'd need to join a kingdom and run an army for some time before that's even an option.

    And so given my experiences, it makes a lot of sense to give battanians some mainline archer. As of now they have a weird tree anyways with two cav units and three infantry units in the fifth tier. That's a very strange fact, especially given that their cav aren't particularly powerful and they are intended to be great with bows. Some tier 5 bowmen would be nice.

    And obviously I realize I can grab archers from other cultures, but many players love to play mono-culture, and so every faction should be relatively inclusive to that fact.
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    Allow clan armies to be created while not in a kingdom

    One of the most useful features added to the game that help players start new factions is the clan system. It's no longer just you when you try to become an upstart ruler, but your clan (and its parties) should be there with you. Except it's not possible to create a kingdom without a fief. And...
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    When you feel like you are ready to claim independance??

    There are a few important criteria you typically want to meet before becoming a ruler.

    Obviously personal character upgrades are important. You want to make sure your character is pretty leveled (I aim for 22-25).

    You also want your clan tier to be reasonable. Clan Tier 4 is sort of the most relevant clan tier as that's when you have access to the most clan parties. You also want to make sure that whoever you're putting into parties is a competent commander. Your brother, and potentially some wives, as well as some companions, can all be great options. If you plan on marrying off your sister, marry her off to a powerful clan and focus on recruiting that clan into your faction as soon as possible. I also prefer that her husband have positive traits so that's something to keep in mind. Unfortunately my sister just died in battler recently, a true tragedy.

    Perhaps the most important criteria is to ensure that you have high relations with the clans with the same culture as the fiefs you plan to capture. I went for a Vlandia playthrough, and I made sure to have high relations with all the clans I wanted to eventually join my kingdom. It's much more challenging to get clans to join your kingdom now because clans don't go broke as easily as they used to, and so you also need to ensure that you have access to a good amount of funds (I am for 500k to start as I expect to be in the red for some time after becoming independent).

    Getting clans to join your kingdom is extremely important as the faction you take land from will constantly be declaring war on you. Every clan makes a massive difference and once you have 3-4, you tend to have the edge on the faction you're constantly warring with.

    It's also not a bad idea to get high relations with clans nearby who own lands you might be interested in conquering in the future. In my Vlandia campaign, I let all battanians go when I captured them. When I eventually capture those lands, I won't want vlandians running them as there's a higher risk of rebellion. Therefore, as I capture battanian territory, I'll put battanian clans in charge of them.

    I personally also like to get my leadership up to 150 for the coveted Veteran's Respects perk. This perk allows you to convert bandits into noble units (highwaymen -> vlandian champions -> banner knights and forest bandits -> fians -> fian champions). It's worth noting that you'll have to join a faction in order to get leadership high as you'll need to be running an army. Personally, I think you should be able to run a 'clan army' even as a mercenary but as of now you can't.

    Fortunately with the new patch, snowballing is significantly rarer and you have a lot of time to build all of these things up. I'd also recommend fitting your companions with respectable gear, but not the best gear you can find. You can find the time and money for that once you're established, but that 60k denars you want to use on that armor piece for one companion? It would be better used helping to get lords to join your kingdom. The costs can be quite high, especially if they have fiefs that they're transferring over.
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    Recovering from casualties almost impossible in this game?

    I honestly don't think it's particularly difficult to recover. One of the primary mechanics that exist in the game is the concept of an experienced army vs inexperienced army. It is always going to be the case that new parties will be weaker than established ones, and a pyrrhic victory will certainly lead to a temporary reduction in combat effectiveness, and that has to be considered. A few battles and your troops will be back up to reasonable tiers. You might suffer from losses, but over time your units will slowly upgrade again.

    Something I would say is that while I don't necessarily understand the mechanics behind how notables provide units and how they provide higher tier units specifically, they do provide higher tiers with higher relations and higher influence. For example, in my two cities, I have access to all recruitment slots (on the hardest recruitment difficulty) and the units tend to all be higher than tier 1, averaging tier 3. The same can be said in many of the villages I own, with the exception of the one village I have that was recently raided. So it seems getting high relations and protecting your towns / villages may be an effective way of gaining access to higher tier recruits.

    This link shows one of my villages:
    Lowest influence for these four notables is 151 (the third one).
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    [1.5.6) What are the most profitable workshops?

    Just FYI, none of those perks work for the player character, since the PC can't be a governor.
    Yeah, I totally forgot about that, thank you so much for the update on that. Since then, I've done what I can, but governors don't level much (I think only quartermaster increases during governorship) and the perks that clan members have cannot be changed, and they are auto-selected before they join so sometimes you get good RNG and sometimes you don't lol.
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    [1.5.6) What are the most profitable workshops?

    I read this days ago but can answer now. This was a great feedback by the way. Thanks for it. I think similar in most parts. Thats why Castellan Office is added (for reducing garrison wages) and needed Xp's are increased for tier ups. And I also want inventory for each workshop so player can buy cheap input items and stack to his workshop. Connecting caravan to this system can be a bit risky because then caravan cannot make profit. If workshops have an inventory they first use items there and if depleted it can buy from town.

    Castles and towns are shifting hand easy and yes it should be a bit harder (current average is about 2 towns & 6 castles shifting hand per year). We can make it harder but it is a bit related to mission side too. Currently siege battles are like field battles, there is no defensive advantage at siege missions. We should fix it first. Then we can increase settlement advantage at siege map events. It will make shifting hands harder.

    About garrison limits, I think same with you too.

    Well honestly I really appreciate the response. I will say that with the new Castellan's Office, during peacetime I can throw most of my troops into a castle and it works out pretty well.

    As well, with the bugfix to workshops, they're all making an average of 150-160 denars now, which is excellent. One issue I've noticed is that smithies don't tend to make a lot of money because even if iron ore is connected to a city via one of its villages, there never really seems to be a lot of iron ore available (even if the villager route is safe and the village has very high hearths). This might just be in my experience (I had one in Rovalt) though.

    As well, the exp changes also made a large difference. It makes my units feel more vulnerable as they level up, and it's forcing me to cycle through units more quickly which is excellent.

    All of these effects together means that my deficit with max parties on the map and all my units in my party is only around -1000 denars. All of my villages haven't been raided at all as well and they just don't stop growing hearths lol. A quick note on villages and construction as well: the passive construction that exists (the four options for housing, militia, village growth, and festivals) should receive a bonus when all possible buildings have been constructed. I have nothing else to make, so I might as well get a bonus to my passive construction. This could also apply to those rare times when nothing is currently queued to be constructed, in case the player forgets (or if AI somehow don't queue things but I think they always have stuff queued). An issue I've noticed that is kind of abusable is that after constructing everything, you can add money to the construction bonus pool and your passive construction will receive the bonus, but the money will never be used as nothing is actively being constructed. I'm unsure if this is intended but I wouldn't imagine it is.

    Anyways, thanks for your response, it's amazing to actually be able to talk to a dev about this game, I have just so many hours in Warband and now Bannerlord and it's amazing to think that my opinions are actually being heard, that's always nice. Thanks for your time.
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    Campaign Map- Needs more interactive features?

    Not only that, but there should be more ways to play the game than currently available.

    As of now, the only viable late game option is to create a kingdom or join another. However, it would be fascinating if being a criminal could be a legitimate end game strategy. Being able to create your own hideouts, stealing from cities or becoming a boss of a criminal syndicate of some sort and playing the game through those means would be really interesting, especially since there's already a few systems in the game that already exist in regards to criminal / bandit gameplay.
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    [1.5.6) What are the most profitable workshops?

    That's a 45% reduction, is it not?

    Wait, do you have these on your character or a companion?

    I checked to see what my perks were just now.
    I have Drill Sergeant, Cavalry Tactics, Hunter Clan, and Military Tradition.

    This means I have a 25% decrease in garrison costs total, with an increased 50% decreased garrison cost of cavalry units (of which I don't have many in garrison honestly, as I never personally stocked my garrisons and my clanmates did, and until this new patch, as you might be aware, cavalry units were relatively rare amongst AI parties).

    With that said, both fiefs typically have a garrison cost of around 1500 denars with a garrison number of 170 (this is when my clan parties seem to stop filling them). As I mentioned, the troops are pretty random, with an average troop tier of around 2.8. Both cities give me an average of 1500 denars (including the tariff but not including villages). So the cities themselves just about pay for the garrisons.

    The castle perk wouldn't be of too much relevance to me simply because I only have one castle with a rather small garrison.

    Fortunately, a lot of this conversation has become moot as the Castellan's Office has now been reworked in the new Beta branch to provide 10 - 20 - 30% reduction in garrison costs, which is quite helpful. Still, I believe I'll be running deficits but with the workshop bug fix as well, it should be more manageable at the very least.

    Edit: I forgot that the Castellan's Office only exists in castles, and as a result, yeah I'm still slightly boned lol but all is well.
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    [1.5.6) What are the most profitable workshops?

    There are like eight perks that reduce garrison costs.

    I don't know why TW spread them literally all over the skills instead of concentrating them in Stewardship and Leadership.

    At any rate, they could bump Drill Sergeant to 15% and Stiff Upper Lip to 40% and then castles would be desirable for something.

    Yeah I'm aware of all of them, but it's not super reasonable to get all of those in one playthrough. However, I have all available reduction perks in one handed, steward, archery, and riding skills.
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    So, when are we returning to the pre-release map?

    In earnest I agree that the current map isn't perfectly balanced, but the Warband map fundamentally lacks a lot of what the current map has. It wouldn't need a facelift, it would need a rework. Given, I think the main map needs a slight rework itself, but compare reworking a map not yet made to reworking an established map, it seems simple to me the current map will be the priority.
    Imo, the aserai need a third middle access point to the main map, they're too isolated. The northern portion of the map needs to be slightly condensed, it's a bit too wide right now. And the border between the vlandians and the aserai need to be broadened a bit more to encourage war, as well as the border between the khuzaits and the aserai.

    In earnest I think the original Warband map, for all the hours I put on it, was just poorly designed. It had few interesting natural barriers; few chokepoints, especially in the middle of the map where they matter most; and faction balance wasn't particularly great either. The vlandians had far too many bordering factions that were willing to declare war whilst most other factions only had two relevant borders, maybe three. One of the fewsaving graces for the Warband map was that the middle city Dhirim was a hotspot such that whichever faction took it would be a war target for a few other factions. This is something nearly impossible to implement in the current map or the Warband map given the geographical lore updates and the number of factions present.
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    [1.5.6) What are the most profitable workshops?

    Sometimes a player place 200 tier-5 elite troops to a castle garrison which has less prosperity. Then he want caravan or workshops to pay his daily wages somehow. When this does not happen and when he goes bankrupt he gets anger. However player should not stack 200 elite troops to a castle garrison or should not upgrade his troops if has no money enough also out of topic I accept castles should be more strategical fiefs because their economical benefits are already weak. They have no military or economical benefit currently. This is something we need to fix. If we make general game economy balanced and if we can offer player alternative solutions to his problems then there will be no need to increase caravan workshop profits, daily 200 average (workshop)- 300/400 average (caravan) will be reasonable.

    I had to make a new account but I've been a fairly long time Warband player (just Warband but jeez that was 10 years ago so it's been a little while at least), in fact I'm amazed I don't already have a Taleworlds forum account. I might on an older email but I digress.

    I just want to give you my perspective after playing around 100 hours on 1.5.6 in regards to income. Something about me, and I imagine other players like me, is that I love the end game fantasy. In Warband, one of the best parts was rolling around with an extremely well trained elite group of soldiers and just crushing stuff. And Warband didn't have a complex economy, fiefs payed really good money and you could set up a laughable number of workshops.

    1.5.6 has been my best run in Bannerlord yet, and your balance work has been absolutely tremendous so far, I'm really loving it. But there is an issue with my end game fantasy.

    Currently I'm running a sort of nuts clan. I have three parties on the map as a clan tier 5 king. I have a personal retinue of around ~210 fully or close to fully upgraded noble units. I realize this is absurdly expensive, but I would be more than willing to do whatever it takes to pay for this and everything else.

    The problem is that I don't have too many options. I currently own two towns and a castle (with 8 villages total) with above average prosperity but growing. My villages also have insane hearths, some exceeding 1000. The issue is that the garrisons (consisting of very random troops, no nobles or anything) costs about as much as I get from the town. I would reduce the garrison size (which already isn't all that big), but my clan parties keep restocking it which isn't particularly helpful. I also have the maximum number of workshops (6) of which I tested many to get the best ones I could reasonable find in my kingdom, and 2 caravans in operation. With all of that said, I'm running -3000 to -5000 deficits a day. I feel like I'm doing the best I can (I can set up more caravans but even with 3 more caravans, my deficit would only budge by 20% at best) but I simply can't effectively balance my budget if I want to keep what I have. My only viable option is to just sell loot from parties and armies that I manage to beat until I collect enough money so that peacetime won't bankrupt me.

    Now it seems your response would be that I shouldn't upgrade my units, that I should remove some of my clan parties, and that I should balance my army. While that's honestly a reasonable thing to say, it's just not how I like to play the game. I love being that end-game god with a massive party and maximum clan parties out on the map or in my army. In Warband, if you really wanted to go all out, you had to put in some investment into many many workshops, and it wasn't super easy (albeit probably not hard enough but the money investment was high). I love the complexity of the economy system in Bannerlord, but it doesn't feel like I can effectively utilize that complexity to my advantage by enough of a margin to satisfy my end game goal of being an absolute chonk lord on the battlefield. I know I could remove my clan parties, I could balance my army, I could reduce my garrisons (and hopefully they won't be continually restocked with my clan parties off the map) but that's just not what I want as an avid Mount & Blade player.

    My first recommendation is to decrease the overall costs of garrisoned units. It makes a lot of sense that a unit that doesn't have to travel, that has free housing, and the potential to meet women, go to the bar, etc. would get lowered wages. Perhaps not 50%, but 30 or 33% reduced wages would go a long way (I know that a perk exists but I think it only applies to castles and it's only a 20% reduced wage and of course I have it). Furthermore, introducing more systems into the game that can reduce wage costs (high charm could potentially reduce wage costs, or high leadership can lead to perks that reduce wage costs in more ways). I know a few perks already exist, but they don't do enough to change the tides of my insane deficit.

    This may also lead to increased garrisons for AI, which would be a good thing in my book. Castles and especially cities feel a bit too easy to take for me personally. It's a bit nuts that in one war, a faction of equal power can capture up to three cities in a single campaign (even when both factions aren't at war with anyone else). The comeback mechanics solve this in a lot of ways, but it's still a bit nuts. Territory should shift a bit slower in my humble opinion. Or if you didn't want that, you could just make garrison limits more relevant. Currently, the default garrison limits are so insanely high that the buildings don't feel rewarding at all. If my garrison limit increases from 400 to 450, that's great and all but I only have 150 people in there at the most. I don't think the militia applies to garrison limit, if it does you can correct me. But this is all a side point.

    The only other recommendation I could give you is to think of new passive systems that can potentially increase revenue. Allowing workshops to artificially limit supply, or being able to coordinate your workshops and caravans to maximize the profit of goods produced would be really interesting. Reintroducing village buildings in a simpler way that could increase income as well as increase security and other things might be a good feature for the long term to implement eventually.

    I don't think it should be easy to build an income system that could pay for what I have. In fact, I think it should require a lot of monetary investment and a lot of time. But it should be doable, so that I can play the game the way I want to.
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