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  1. Neluril

    Resolved Mu Torere broken in lvl3 Vlandian lord's halls

    Summary: Same issue as reported here, except it only occurs in the Vlandian level 3 lord's hall layout (tested and confirmed for both towns and castles) How to Reproduce: Go into the lord's hall of a town or castle of Vlandian culture and with level 3 walls and invite someone for a game of Mu...
  2. Neluril

    Resolved Sturgian speed bonus in snow getting calculated incorrectly

    Summary: Started a new game with a Sturgian character today, and noticed that whenever the party travels on snow, it gets an enormous speed bonus, instead of just getting a reduced penalty from it. Sturgian culture bonus: "20% less speed penalty from snow" (= increased speed on snow by 20% of...
  3. Neluril

    Resolved Board game broken: Mu Torere - player can't make move to center with any token

    Hello all, Summary: When playing Mu Torere, I can't make any moves to the center (2nd move by the player) How to Reproduce: Location: Lord's halls where the board game is available (cities owned by clans of Vlandian culture) Checked and confirmed in Ocs Hall, Pravend (these are owned by...
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