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  1. Meaning481

    Resolved [1.6.2 Beta] Companion roles disappear unless assigned in dialogue.

    Summary: When assigning companion party roles using the clan interface, the roles are unassigned after exiting the menu. The only way to assign a role is by using the dialogues through the party screen. I cannot assign my own character a role. I Have uploaded the save file and linked to this...
  2. Meaning481

    1.5.10 has a small punctuation error in the English cutscene subtitles.

    Dear development team. There is a small error in the English subtitles of the newly added campaign cutscene that I hope can be easily fixed. There is a contracted "it's" in one of the lines that is spoken as the possessive "its" by the narrator. I hope this is easy to fix. I otherwise love the...
  3. Meaning481

    Need More Info 1.5.10 showing significant framerate drops and increasing disk usage.

    Summary: Started a new campaign in 1.5.10 and have noticed significant framerate drops and disk usage increases in battle and in the overworld. My CPU fans begin to make a godawful noise after about 10 minutes of gameplay. It's actually rather alarming... How to Reproduce: Start a new campaign...
  4. Meaning481

    Resolved [Beta 1.5.8] Item portraits rendering poorly.

    First, I searched to see if anyone else reported this, but couldn't find anything. After the 1.5.8 hotfix resolving item icons not loading in inventory menus, I created several new games and found rendering issues in these portraits. Screenshot here: I will upload a save with this thread linked...
  5. Meaning481

    Resolved 1.5.5 Beta; Some companions missing from their initial listed encyclopedia locations

    Description: Some companions are missing from their initial listed locations. When looking up companions in the encyclopedia, some of them will not be in the city they are listed in. After their first move they are then searchable in taverns. How to repeat: In a new game, search for several...
  6. Meaning481

    Resolved 1.5.5 Art of the Trade Quest Bugged

    Hello! Here is the summary of what I found: Description: Sometimes "the Art of the Trade" village notable quest offers 0 goods for 0 gold. In my last save, I completed the quest by buying 0 Aserai horses in Hunab for 0 gold but got renown for the quest. How to Reproduce: Look for notables...
  7. Meaning481

    1.5.4 Balance Error with Kuzait Lamellar Shoulders

    Hello Taleworlds team! I hope you're all doing well. Currently in 1.5.4 the Kuzait lamellar shoulders and leather lamellar shoulders have exactly the same statistics. Hopefully you have time to rebalance this for the next hotfix. Thank you for all the great work.
  8. Meaning481

    Resolved [1.5.0] Companions spawn in castles and aren't reachable.

    In both 1.4.3 and 1.5.0, I've had multiple companions listed as having spawned in castles at the start of the game. When I arrived at these castles, I explored the dungeons, courtyards, and lords' halls, they were nowhere to be found. How to reproduce: start a new 1.5.0 campaign and search for...
  9. Meaning481

    Resolved New 1.5.0 bow perks not turned on?

    Hello, The patch notes do not specify whether the new bow tree has been activated. In testing the "dead aim" perk. The 30% increase in headshot damage does not seem to be applied. Can we get clarification on the status of these new perks on the forums or the next hotfix please?
  10. Meaning481

    In Progress 1.4.3 and Prior: Clearing Hideouts does not Improve Relation with Notables

    Hi there! When clearing hideouts on the map, we get a message saying "relations with nearby notables have been improved," and an increase in charm skill. However, as of 1.4.3, after checking all nearby villages and cities after clearing the hideout, no notable has increased relation. This is...
  11. Meaning481

    1.4.3 experience system still stalls character growth.

    Dear Taleworlds, I recently began a playthrough as a Khergit Mercenary. After maxing out my smithing skill at 275 for quick income, I began to level my other skills. Currently, at level 23, I have 275 smithing, 100 archery, and 100 riding with 5 focus points in each. I have at least two...
  12. Meaning481

    Replacing Throwing Rocks with Slings Would be More Believable

    Hi! Since slings have already been implemented in multiplayer, it would make more sense for looters and other low level bandits to use them instead of throwing rocks by hand. It is still a big meme in the threads about how deadly rocks thrown by hand can be in large numbers. It breaks...
  13. Meaning481

    Resolved Previously solved graphical glitches returning in 1.4.1

    I have notice a return of some targets clothes re-rendering when being hit by arrows. Also... I found this gem of a glitch when in combat, speaking to some lords, or selecting a lord in custom battle. They are covered in a cloud of triangles. System specs and link to a screenshot below...
  14. Meaning481

    Polearm swing damage does not match reported statistics

    I tried finding other threads reporting this, but couldn't. The listed swing damage values of many polearms and craftable polearm heads do not match what they actually do in the game. Menavlions and glaives routinely deal between over 100 damage to looters with stationary swings when their...
  15. Meaning481

    In Progress (1.4.1) Being unhorsed near a wall clipped me out of the arena!

    I was unhorsed while riding towards a wall in a tournament in Sanala and rather than hitting the wall and playing the stationary falling animation, my avatar continued the thrown forward animation and clipped through the arena wall. Here's my screenshot of me staring at the hideous puppets that...
  16. Meaning481

    In Progress Encyclopedia/Companion spawning bug in 1.3.0/1.2.1?

    In both current versions of the game I'm getting a bug where a companion who is listed as being in a city at the start of the game will not be spawned there until after several months game time. Similarly, some companions encountered in taverns in 1.3.0 are not present in the encyclopedia...
  17. Meaning481

    Resolved Looters temporarily lose clothes after being hit by arrows

    Hello all. I've seen this mentioned in passing in other threads but not in a dedicated thread. Basically occasionally I will hit a looter with an arrow or crossbow bolt and their clothes will vanish. I'm currently playing the 1.2 beta branch on max graphics. I run an AMD rx570 graphics card...
  18. Meaning481

    My general feedback for 1.1.0 opt in Beta

    Greetings to taleworlds! I hope you read this. Things I've noticed in the new beta: The new skill levelling pace is much nicer. In my two playthroughs of the beta, what types of companions spawned seemed wildly unbalanced. The first time multiple trading companions spawned, but no healers...
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