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  1. Patch Notes e1.0.10

    issue with save games? before, every update no issue.
    but now from 1.09 -> 1.10, save game wont load. stays at loading screen.
    anyone else has this issue?

    do you want to load the saved game with different modules
    select: yes

    nothing happens -> i have the same issue
  2. can't assign a commander?

    EDIT --> found out. need to built an armory!
  3. can't assign a commander?

    just captured lublin (sp?), and recieved it from the sweeds king. has already all the barracks and commanders (inf, cavl, hv inf, hv cavalry, merc commander), almost most buildings and commanders they also produce garrisons, where i currently pick my troops for my force, however, i can't assign...
  4. Finished game as a Swedish Rebel


    thanks for the tips.

    after capping 5 cities for the swedish king, I still havn't  got any city... Is there anything to influence them?
    my strategy is about the same. in service of sweden against almost everyone (exep mosow). So , the next city I seige, Ill try to take it.. and keep it for me. any recommendations? or shall i wait until I have recieved more cities from the swedesen then go rebel?
    thing is, I almost always lose in being besieged.... any tips here? I can't imagine how you survived 1200 versus 250?
    thanks - i kinda miss going by your own like in Warband
  5. Fire-arms versus armour (breastplate)

    Hi RalliX,

    no, that's not the one. (still a nice read!)

    the one I'm looking for has complete 3D coloured layouts of different  armors thicknesses. (done by putting the armour under a scanner etc).
    It's especially talks about the more expensive ones (elite breastplate armor, worn by cavalry)

    I have looked everywhere, can't find it again...
  6. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    found a save game.

    upladed the savegame and description - Savegame 05 has the issue.
    King is captured at "Kamenets" and released after a few days. then stays "unknown location" forever
  7. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    Sadly, My save game is already overwritten.
    9 save games is a bit on the low end though.
  8. Awding city's and castles

    so become rebels is the only option left....
  9. Could shields stop bullets back then?

    there's a study on the net (can't find the link anymore, so if anyone has it, plz post), showing the incease of breastplate as time progressed (and the penetration power of the bullet), up to 8mm thickness en V shaped. Because of the added weight, these plates where mainly used on cavalry troops.
    German troops (Pioneers) again started to use them in WWI. They where quite effective for protection, but the 1cm breastplates where to heavy to be used effectively.
  10. Awding city's and castles

    Well, been capturing now several weeks for the Sweeds and capturing castles and Cities. I still havn't recieved any of them..... only have 1 village somewhere. Are there factors to influence the King, to appoint me some estates? I always can go Rebels, but this ain't easy and no fun... I had...
  11. Captured Lords: a feature

    can you still sneak and rescue prisoners? was a nice feature in Wazband
  12. King Gustav's location is "unknown"


    After some testing, I can confirm it's a bug.
    Other generals get captured and released. after some days they show up at a castle. even the king

    BUT when following cicumstances are met:

    you have accepted the quest to get the french guy and bring him to the King. Then, you find him at a city, he'll join your party and have to bring him go to the king!
    -->  If the king is captured when the frenchman joins or is in your party, the King will NEVER return to a castle. He will be liberated, by money or by force, but never return. Rests always in an "unknown"

    all other circumstances (ex, quest is active, but you don't have Jacques in your party yet), the King returns to his castle and you can Deliver Jacques to the King.
  13. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    how long does that take? 15 days 30 days? 60 days?
    LittleJP, you seems to have experienced this before.
  14. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    well, somthing is not right;
    I don't find him anywhere on the map, and everytime i ask, I get the message: I don't know where king Carl Gustav is.
    Now running more then 15days...

    could it be, that when I have the jacques the claimont in my party and at the same time, the king is captured, triggers a bug?

    I tried to take over the fortress, same thing.
    is there a way to 'cheat' him back onto the map?
  15. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    euh? read my post.

    he was captured,  (when asked, everybody pointed a t the correct location).
    After he was released, he wasn't there anymore and everybody says unknown. shouldn't he back at it's kapital? which I don't know where it it's for the swedish, but I guess it's RIGA?

    Waiting 30days+, same thing. So effectively, my main quest is broken and i can't work for the swedish....
  16. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    any fix for this? or a workaround?
  17. King Gustav's location is "unknown"

    Hi, I recently started playing as mercs for the Swedish. I recently accuired the frensh person in my group, as pat of the main quest. I should escort him to King Gustav. However, king Gustav was held captive a Kaminen (sp?). I noticed that the King has been released, but i can't find him...
  18. chest in camp site


    yes, it the "find an item" cheat - every item has a number to it IIRC. can you tell me how to activate it in Warband?
  19. chest in camp site

    or to put, what's the cheat code to access the chest during the camp site. In warband, you even could see the training arrows etc.
    but kind find the 'cheat" code or whatever to activate it.
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