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  1. Lyze

    Continuum TV Series

    Is anyone aware of this new series? It debuted on Showcase Canada on May 27th but I'm sure you'll be able to find it elsewhere. From Wikipedia, "Vancouver City Protective Services (CPS) Protector Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 when a group of terrorists...
  2. Lyze

    Metropolis: Tekkit Co-Op Build Server - Project Failed, Server Closed

    It has been known for some time, but Kronic, Impendin (IA), and I are setting up a co-operative whitelisted build server using the Tekkit pack. This is the thread for the server discusion, which we will be having soon, and for future updates. The aim for this server is to build a metropolis...
  3. Lyze

    Desktop User Interfaces

    Disclaimer: Any previous topics on this subject could not be found due to the current "Unable to access search daemon" error that is occurring. Now then, my query. I would wonder if you fine denizens of TaleWorlds know of any good UI software or combinations of softwares that work well. I...
  4. Lyze

    An Apology Letter

    You may or may not know, but today, we held our 41st Canadian General Election. Our government functions as a parliament system, electing Members of Parliament (MPs), with the leader of the party with the most MPs becoming the Prime Minister. We are a member of the Commonwealth (though perhaps...
  5. Lyze

    Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

    I didn't know this existed, but it does! 5Gum and YouTube have collaborated to bring us three days of glorious livestreaming of the festival. I am so utterly happy. The band roster for the live streaming is pretty swell, too! Today is the second day, and I've loved the hours I've watched so far...
  6. Lyze

    Exercise Routines

    We're a fairly diverse mix here at TaleWorlds, and so I'm hoping there are a fair number of you who exercise regularly or have routines. As such: What routine do you use? What have you found to be most effective? How long have you been using that routine? I ask this because I have recovered...
  7. Lyze

    World's Most Liveable Cities

    What do you think about this year's ratings? Do you consider these ratings at all? Do you take them seriously or do you think them a fad to be ignored? There is more than one "Liveable City" list or index, so which one do you think is the most authoritative? Discuss. Personally, I'm always...
  8. Lyze

    How many of us are university folk?

    I've been wondering lately, since so many seem so ready to help others, and the knowledge base in Off-Topic is fairly large, what is your level of education? Diploma? High school? Bachelors? Masters? Doctorate? Working towards any of these? It'd be interesting to see how many of us are...
  9. Lyze

    TRON: Legacy

    I went to see it today, and I daresay that it is a fitting rebirth of the series. It is excellent. You may know that Daft Punk composed the soundtrack to the movie, but what you may not know is that they did so in tandem with the production of the film, working very closely with the directors...
  10. Lyze

    Mass Effect 2

    As of this posting, it comes out in less than twenty-four hours for North America. The reviews have been generally incredible, and I know I'm waiting for it with anticipation. Do you think it will live up to the hype, and hold up to the standards that the reviews have set for it? Once it comes...
  11. Lyze

    Yellow Drum Machine

    My gods. Awesome little robot. Is it just me, or does he create a rhythm using various objects, as in slowly building up his "tune" as he finds new objects?
  12. Lyze

    New Treatment for Viruses Beats Mutations

    Quite an amazing story. It is short on words, but... this would be brilliant, if it can work. Of course, there will always be side effects and unintended consequences in the future, but for now, this looks very promising.
  13. Lyze

    What's A Petabyte?

    This is. A handy scrolling .gif guide to what a petabyte is, and the immense sizes it contains. Do take a perusal. There. Now then, what do you think? The most interesting point to me is the last point, how 50 petabytes is mankind's combined knowledge. The implications of that are...
  14. Lyze

    Contemporary Jazz

    Now, I have found over the past few weeks that this style of music is excellent for studying and basically getting work done. It can be particularly effective with an English assignment, if you are aiming for that mood. But I digress, yet again. I am in desperate need of these artists. Not...
  15. Lyze

    Space Hijackers Shenanigans - "Half Price Off!" Gag

    Absolutely Brilliant! I would love to do something like this, especially in the ritzy parts of Vancouver. Despite the link and event's age, it is still an interesting read.
  16. Lyze

    How Many People Are Online?

    So, yet again a continuous thread. How many people are online when you post in this thread? You can check by opening a new tab, going to the TW, and scrolling down to the member list. At the top is how many members are online right now. At the time of this editing: 75
  17. Lyze

    Teen Lights Joint as Part of Essay | Triggers Legalization Debate

    Quite interesting. What are your thoughts?
  18. Lyze

    Kaki King - Rolling Stones' Next Guitar God @ TED '08

    Her performance, her skill... is damn right breathtaking. The first female to be labelled the next guitar god by Rolling Stones, this performance by her in February at TED '08 is truly glorious. Enjoy.
  19. Lyze


    The interwebs are a wonderful thing - they bring to light many a fascinating (and troubling) story. However, now and then, you may encounter a story or tale so breathtaking that it can do nothing but leave you speechless at the ingenuity and genius that humanity can present. Thus, I propose a...
  20. Lyze

    What moment made your day?

    It always happens - except or the most dire of days, there is always one minute - nay, second - that forces you to stop, think, contemplate, and perhaps smile. It is these moments that truly make our day, even though our rushed existence may not allow us to realize so. And so, what moment did...
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