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  1. why are tourney's so fubar?

    ya thats the whole thing, you can run circles around enemies and kill all day, but then you join the wrong tourney and run through the whole thing as normal until you get to some random npc with super powers who blocks twice as much and hits you through your own blocks, or you get hit through a wall of friendly npcs somehow.

    i try and not cheese my way too bad, but when it comes to tourneys in these specific cases the only way i can survive these super npcs is by kiting their swings and abusing my athletics.
    Does Realistic Battle mod change this?
  2. why are tourney's so fubar?

    I take down entire towns by myself in Bannerlord. it's a Bannerlord thing too.
    Of course, you are the Player, basically GOD if you want. The only person allowed to "play" and go beyond in games. More so in games like this. Also, bow and arrow, you are playing with "exploits". I mean, it doesn't mean anything that you can do this, but it MEANS that the AI behave more, realistic? if you want. Seeing 5 fresh guys killing a single Lord, well is expected, and i want that. Also is expected that me, the thing that can bet the AI, kill an entire town. You really just can go there and play at the same level of the AI, doing other things.
  3. why are tourney's so fubar?

    TW made all units good enough at running and swinging weapons so that they could......... man I can't even explain it in a coherent way.... it's so ****ed lol, they wanted all the classes/units in MP captain mode, crappy peasant to powerful knights...... to be closely enough matched that say 12 peasants are equal to 5 armored knights or what not...... and then they used the same (or close enough) type of system for all the units in the single player game too.... for no ****ing reason whatsoever. Boy I love watching my 5 recruits de-horse and kill a enemy lord that's like level 30 with 2 millions denars of gear.... not being sarcastic, I think it's very stupid and a bad design choice, but it's entertaining as ****. This is in no way an excuse for TW, just trying to answer this "why why why?"
    Well, i think it's pretty realistic, even if you are a master of your art wearing full armor and such, if 5 people with nothing to lose and empty stomachs start attacking you, my friend you are going to have a bad time. Think, 5 people. 2 can hold you down while there is another 3!! doing what they want with you. This was always like this, through all history. a single man killing groups of people its just a movie thing.
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