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  1. FoozleMcDoozle

    In Progress Scene Editor Adding to the sp_battle_scenes.xml requires some code

    An issue I ran into a long while ago and forgot to post about, it seems if you want to add your custom scenes into the game for use in the campaign, you will need some custom code in order to get it to work properly, instead of like most other xml where creating a sp_batle_scene.xml inside a...
  2. FoozleMcDoozle

    In Progress Scene Editor Alpha does not apply correctly to flora generated with flora mesh and flora paint for dry_leafs_mix_a_red and wheat_group_fall

    The alpha channel of both of the flora in the title does not apply properly leaving issues like in this image the one on the left was spawned in directly from the resource browser, so you can see that it should work properly, but for the one on the right (and elsewhere) you can see that the...
  3. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved Scene Editor Colorgrades do not work in editor for beta 1.5.8

    When apply a colorgrade in editor, the colorgrade effect does not appear, instead all colorgrade just create a slight grey tint on everything. Previously colorgrades worked properly in editor. Game has been verified and everything
  4. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved Scene Editor Can't add new maps to custom battle scenes

    The regular method of adding new scenes to the Custom Battle system, by adding an new line of xml to the custom_battle_scenes.xml with a new id and name, not longer works for main 1.5.7 and beta 1.5.8. Tried verifying game and everything, still an issue, this has also been noted as an issue by...
  5. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved General Editor main menu buttons don't work

    In the new beta 1.5.8, the main menu buttons won't work in the editor, so I have to launch the tools with ctrl e like we used to have to do. This means that we cant use the campaign or custom battle in the editor.
  6. FoozleMcDoozle

    In Progress Scene Editor Custom main maps have had severe issues for several updates now

    I believe there was a similar post made previously about this issue, but I cant seems to find it so I'll post it again, since update 1.5.4 (I believe) it has been effectively impossible to make custom main maps. When you try to paint on the main map (or any file named main map) it will crash...
  7. FoozleMcDoozle

    BL 2D Art Where are the Inventory Screen Textures?

    The textures that are used for the category icons (Weapons, Bows and Shields, Horses, etc) as well as the item slot icons, along with military and civilian outfit button, and some other part of the inventory screens UI do not seem to be a part of any UI atlas I can find in the tpacs...
  8. FoozleMcDoozle

    Need More Info General Modding Tools crash on 1.5.7 with any modules enabled

    With any modules enabled the editor will crash immediately after launching on 1.5.7, even if the module is empty and isnt loading anything into the game, I can load the tools fine without any modules enable. I have verified both my game and tools. After I hit launch the loading screen will come...
  9. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved Scene Editor pressing the calculate ambient occlusion button on the vertex paint menu causes crash

    Dejan asked me to send this, heres the crash uploader 2021-01-05_15.23.06_83aaa0d21e912e56cc2c4431411ad103
  10. FoozleMcDoozle

    BL Scening Normal Vista causes strange triangle shadows on main map

    When applying a vista normalmap to a main map it seems to cause these strange triangle/polygon shadows on the terrain,the first image is with the normal and the second is without, the map specifications are 16x16-132-512, the normalmap is set to not compress when being imported
  11. FoozleMcDoozle

    BL Scening Reducing party speed in campaign map

    Is there anyway to reduce the campaign speed in an area of the map in a similar manner to forests?
  12. FoozleMcDoozle

    Need More Info Scene Editor Season visibility parameters have to have summer ticked

    When using the visibility season parameters to try to make a object only show up in a certain season the object will not appear at all. After some testing it seems that the summer season is required to be ticked for it to show up at all, so if you want a object to only show up in winter, that...
  13. FoozleMcDoozle

    In Progress Scene Editor Create New Module function gone after update

    The create new module function under file has been removed from the editor, I assume for the hotfix that fixed the "editor can't launch" problem, not a serious issue but I though I would bring it to peoples attentions
  14. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved Scene Editor sturgia_village_I does not have terrain data

    The village scene sturgia_village_I does not have terrain. It was one of the village scenes that the devs released for the village sceneing tournament, it looks like the SceneEditData folder exists for it, but the folder does not contain the terrain_ed.bin.
  15. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved Scene Editor Changing material on boarder prefabs does not save

    Changing the metamesh material for the desert_border_a, desert_border_b, desert_border_c, desert_border_d, mountain_border_a, mountain_border_b, mountain_border_c, mountain_border_d, mountain_border_e, mountain_border_long_a, and mountain_border_long_b does not persist through saving. You can...
  16. FoozleMcDoozle

    BL Scening What is the purpose of the main_map_flow_splat

    It was reference in the basic world mapping document but it's purpose was never explained, from the look of it it seems the small erosion channels represented in the red channel of the image, but I cant really tell what the green channel is.
  17. FoozleMcDoozle

    BL Scening What determines the outer limit of camera movement on the main map

    On the main map there is a range that the free camera can move in, if you get to close to the outer edge the free camera will stop moving, what determines this limit?
  18. FoozleMcDoozle

    BL Scening Is it worth it to make a normal map for every scene

    I know WM has a node to make a normal map from a heightmap, so its pretty easy to make one, but is it worth it (or even useful) to make a heightmap for the terrain of every regular battle or settlement scene.
  19. FoozleMcDoozle

    Need More Info Scene Editor Cannot increase node dimensions without CTD

    When I attempt to increase the node dimensions of nodes after terrain has been created (via the node properties) I get a CTD (with no "application has had a problem" popup, just a hard CTD). This seems to be the case regardless of what the node dimensions are and what I'm increasing them too. I...
  20. FoozleMcDoozle

    Resolved Scene Editor Generate Grids Navmesh option creates navmesh on invisible terrain

    When generating navmesh grids on scenes with terrain already made, It appears that the navmesh grids generate something like 16x the scenes size in the -x and -y direction over invisible terrain, this makes it nearly impossible to generate grids with a size lower than 50 on most maps, (my map is...
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