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  1. Unresolved Can't start bannerlord

    I click on the play button and after a few seconds it stops loading and just shuts down, there's no trace of it in task manager. I've already reinstalled and checked the integrity of my game files.
  2. Vlandia armor not selling

    I've got the same problem. There's no heavy armors available in Battanian or Vlandian towns.
  3. Unresolved My Influence suddenly dropped 290 after 1 battle.

    I had the same happen to me, though I lost influence when I won several battles.
  4. Influence glitch

    When I had around 200 influence as a vassal I noticed after fighting and winning several battles - nothing out of the ordinary - that I had minus 124 influence out of nowhere? Could anyone tell me what this is about because it is quite gamebreaking.
  5. Eternal load screen raiding Sea Raiders Camps

    Got the same problem!
  6. Resolved Problem regarding entering villages/towns/scenes

    Whenever I try to enter a town, village or whatever kind of scenery on the world map I do load in properly, then the very moment I've loaded in the so called leaving bar fills up and I leave the certain scene automatically without me clicking anything. I've got no chance whatsoever in entering...
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