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  1. CapnScrub

    Poll "What your favorite weapon type"

    I'm a one hand sword and shield guy usually, with the occasional lance, but i recently also added a 1H mace to my heavy cav build, and i have to say it is a great weapon, especially in sieges as its quite short. The sound of it hitting Sturgian heads is great, feels like it has a real weight to it.
  2. CapnScrub

    Is this a hint at TaleWorlds next game?

    The mindset and preferences of the average M&B fan is equivalent to the content of a Ken doll.

    After playing on the euro deathmatch servers, I would say that is fairly accurate.
  3. CapnScrub

    Is this a hint at TaleWorlds next game?

    Could we be seeing an open world sandbox RPG Barbie and Ken game in the near future? I heard rumors that there is an unknown project going on and I feel like this is a hint towards that, regardless of today's date. Custom home design, driveable Barbie 4x4s, outfit customisation. Sounds like it...
  4. CapnScrub

    Embarrassment of Riches at the Smithy

    Too many skippers not enough bad touch Kens
    Inb4 the suggestions board gets flooded with naval warfare ideas. Or being able to craft toys for your children.
  5. CapnScrub

    Take my denars and forge!

    Love the ideas in this thread. Smithing yourself is fun, but I would also like a playthrough where I don't have to bother with that and spend ages grinding. My current playthrough I'm level 250ish smithing, and still have half of the parts to unlock, which is just a bore at this point. The 2016 showcase looked perfect tbh. Maybe replace the smithing tree with a shield specific one? Something warband had and was worth spending points on (in my opinion).
  6. CapnScrub

    Vassals/Lords dying in battles more often than in simulations

    Ive noticed the lord's seem far more likely to die if they have recently been knocked out in a previous battle, or aren't at full health (based on my own health percentage). Same for enemy lords, I seem to get way more kills on enemy lords if I have caught them fresh out of another battle. I've save scummed this too to try and kill lone lords ive been tracking for ages, and they just get knocked constantly, even when I slam them with a couch lance.
  7. CapnScrub

    Embarrassment of Riches at the Smithy

    In all fairness to the javelin debacle you faced, it's shaft is made out of wood so you would want a carpentry tree for that. A Smith would be a bit out of depth with non metals. On topic though, I'd like to unlock the parts by just buying them with Denars, gives me something to do with my millions aside from buying clans.
  8. CapnScrub

    Things We Need in the Game For Real, No BS (maybe some BS) That taleWorlds need to Impliment.

    Hey guys, Just Been thinking about/ Procrasturbating on ideas in the game that I really want implimented. 1. Realistic Battlefield Toilet usage. In real war soldiers would need to go to the toilet, and its a real it shame wasnt implimented on release (if you'll pardon the pun). A Good example...
  9. CapnScrub

    Bannerlord - Taleworlds please add durability to weapons and armors

    If anything we should be able to restore the -modified items we get from loot.
    Yea this would be a good addition imo. Warband post battle scavenging occasionally turned up decent items, even into the mid-late game. The items I get as loot after now are guff, especially the armour, surely at least one troop will get a face-arrow leaving me some pristine armour to wear.

    ... I would also like to add I dislike the item-breakdown mechanic in games, so it's a no from me too.
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