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  1. Gortar

    Need More Info Crash when clicking on brother party, while he is travelling to join my army

    Summary: I created an army, then i was going in the direction of my brother, then when i could already see him on the map when i clicked on his party - instant crash. How to Reproduce: easy just create an army and do the same as above. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if...
  2. Gortar

    Resolved Legionary reinforced studded harness (and other unlogic armor values)

    Summary: Legionary reinforced studded harness and legionary studded harness have swapped sprites. Values and name are correct but the in game look is incorrect. Also while im at it i would advise you to revise the armors again if you have the time, casue some worse varriations of armors and...
  3. Gortar

    Resolved Negative values on weapons

    Summary: As you can see in the image the rusty mace has -5 pierce damage. I didnt try to use it tho so idk if it causes anything serious. How to Reproduce: Pretty easy just look for rusty low tier weapons with low damage Scene Name (if related): - Media (Screenshots & Video):
  4. Gortar

    Resolved Cannot ransom nor imprison lord

    Summary: I captured Godun just outside my mazhadan castle, and then entered it but i could not imprison him. For the rest 3 lords and soldier prisoners there was no problem. Then i travelled to varcheg which is owned by my kingdom (vlandia), to try my luck there, but i could not imprison him nor...
  5. Gortar

    Resolved Can't get up from chair in hideout

    Summary: In the hideout of sea bandits I tried to pick up the harpoon that lay next to the chair (I spammed with the f key to make it faster). But my character started sitting animation during which I could also try to pick up a harpoon. After that I couldn't get up from the chair nor pick up...
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