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  1. Cymro

    Need a 160GB SATA Hard disk.

    My windows HDD has been making the occasional odd 'cli-thunk' noise over the past week, and today, it went 'cli-thunk clickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclicky' then crashed, leaving me with a black screen stating "No hard disks detected!". Luckily, after turning it off and on again, it booted in to...
  2. Cymro

    I need a new calculator.

    Well, the batteries in my Sharp EL-531W just decided to dissolve the terminals, leaving me with a dead calculator. Bastards. That calculator had been sufficient to do most things, but rather than bother trying to fix it (I did find it in a paper recycling bin after all :P) I decided to either...
  3. Cymro

    Name that robotic personality!

    Yes, that's right, name that robotic personality! A simple game for simple minds, as it were. Now, the rules are simple:[list type=decimal] The host disguises a politician or celebrity voice with a vocoder (more below) The result is uploaded here The others try and guess who that person is...
  4. Cymro

    LMMS (open source synthesizing/composition software) Here's a lovely little program that I've been using for a while now. LMMS stands for Linux multimedia studio, but it's recently been released on Windows too. It's definitely worth a try if you've ever fancied making music. Basically, it's a free alternative to...
  5. Cymro

    Zimbabwe is to introduce Z$100,000,000,000,000 note

    Yes, you read that correctly. One hundred trillion dollars: And there's me thinking the only time I'd see 100 trillion on a banknote was in the Calamity James bit of my Beano :P
  6. Cymro


    Me. I'm 17 and that. I got a leather quiver, two books, an automatic gibbon cleaner*, a dvd, and a set of driving lessons, the first one being today at 2:30. I'll be driving home from 2 miles away today (allegedly :o) following a run down on what everything does, which is quite a feat for...
  7. Cymro

    Cheap MP4 players

    I'm looking for a cheap (ideally <£40) MP4 player that plays MP4s (You don't say :shock:), MP3s, and photos. There seem to be a lot out there, but I'm not sure how good or reliabe they are. Suggestions, anyone (aside from "increase your budget you stingy git")?
  8. Cymro

    New website :cry:
  9. Cymro

    Network problems

    Here's the deal: Two computers (1 PC, 1 laptop) running Windows XP Home A Belkin F5D7632-A wireless router PC is connected via ethernet to the router, but the laptop is wirelessly connected The internet's being shared fine However, it recently (well, a few months ago) stopped sharing files and...
  10. Cymro

    Taleworlds; an animation of memes

    And thus the prophecy was completed. Here is a short flash animation* story mostly made from Taleworlds posts that we've found amusing over the past few years. Credits, and thanks Me: The flash file, idea, "script" Seff: That oh so shouty voice Highelf: Criticisms, part of the idea, hunting...
  11. Cymro

    Stretched Image Problem

    There appears to be a minor bug whereby emoticons occasionally look stretched or squeezed. I have seen this in firefox 3 on a linux machine and with firefox 2 on two windows machines. Anyone else getting this?
  12. Cymro

    Earth Hour

    Google has decided to “turn off the lights” on the UK homepages (a.k.a. making the page render in a horrible black colour :x) today, as some sort of way of getting people interested in an event by the name of Earth Hour. What they want us all to do is turn off our lights from 8PM to 9PM (in...
  13. Cymro

    The rough guide phrasebooks

    I've had the Turkish one of these for quite a while now, and I would certainly recommend anyone wanting to learn the basics of a foreign language by themselves before going to that country pick on of these up. In the book, priced quite nicely at £4.99, you get: A dictionary Suitable, common...
  14. Cymro

    Windows XP starting to fail

    (note: I normally use Ubuntu on a separate HDD for my main computing, but my parents tend to use the Windows XP install we got with the computer some 5 years ago.) Problem 1 Whenever I start XP now, explorer will not start. I have to go into task manager and start it manually. Shortly after...
  15. Cymro

    "Re-touch" the member's recent words above you!

    This has nothing to do with molestation, sorry to disappoint anyone :P This is a simple game. All you must do is search through the member's last 5 pages of posts (NOTE: Only. No more.) above you, and copy them to make a fairly legible post of about 20 words. But... The Rules! -You must copy...
  16. Cymro

    Help: PDAs and Linux

    It's that time of time again, where my knowledge of a subject is next to nothing, whilst the collaborative knowledge of Taleworlds surpasses any review magazine or website. Last time it was air rifles (which got a great result, thanks shmendict), this time, it's about PDAs and Linux. PDAs In...
  17. Cymro

    Comedy (mostly for UK-ians)

    Who remembers when it was allowed to be funny? I'm thinking of The Young Ones; Bottom; Blackadder; The Vicar of Dibley; Shooting Stars; Alexei Sayle; Goodness Gracious Me; The Day Today and perhaps even Mr. Bean. Now, with the sole exception of the panel shows (Mock the Week, HIGNFY, QI etc.)...
  18. Cymro

    Mission template error upon entering town

    I am using the town_default mission template for my new town, but something mysterious happens. Whenever I press enter on the town menu, it gives me the following error, although pressing ignore twice solves it: Here is the town menu code:   ("gwyr_town",0,"You have found the Gwyr...
  19. Cymro

    SP Medieval Fantasy Clod y Cledd - RPG total conversion for M&B (in passive development)

    Clod y Cledd Celfyddyd o hyd mewn hedd - aed yn uwch O dan nawdd tangnefedd; Segurdod yw clod y cledd, A rhwd yw ei anrhydedd. ~ William Emrys Clod y Cledd (fame of the sword, /ˈkloːd ə ˈkleːð/) is a new RPG total conversion mod for Mount&Blade. The mod is set in a realistic fantasy 13th...
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