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  1. In Progress [1.6.2] Game crashes during Conspiracy Quest

    Summary: During a quest where a Conspiracy caravan moves from Razih to Husn Fulq. Game crashes when the Caravan reaches its final destination (i.e failing the quest) How to Reproduce: Let the caravan reach its destination during the conspiracy caravan quest Have you used cheats and if so which...
  2. Save Blueprints in Smithy

    Not a very important feature, but it would be cool to be able to save the weapons I create in the Smithy as blueprints, in order to forge them later on.
  3. In Progress [1.6.1] Game crashes when winning battle against Gang leader asking for weapons

    Summary: In my save there is a gang leader at the entrance of Epicrotea who will ask to take your weapons upon entering the cityu, if you provoke him and win the fight the game crashes How to Reproduce: Game crashes when pressing the "Done" button after winning the fight against said gang leader...
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