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  1. TONSofAG

    [Riding] Too Ranged Focused

    Hello all, Just wanted to say that the perks for riding seemed far too ranged focused in my opinion given that 6 out of the 8 perks where the player has a "choice" have to do with ranged attacking. This, in addition to the fact that it levels slowly if you don't do mounted ranged (started...
  2. TONSofAG

    [Campaign Map - Camera] Keybind to Reset to Default

    War Siblings! I know this isn't necessarily a big deal but this is more a quality of life suggestion. While we can do all kinds of things with the camera, it would appear those no button that resets it after we've rotated, zoomed, and or moved the camera. I'm just suggesting they add a button...
  3. TONSofAG

    [Quests] Unify the Empire... and Beyond

    Unifying the Empire should require one actually unifies the Empire in its entirety. This is regardless of which faction Empire settlements fall under meaning if they've been captured by a non-empire faction at the time, the player will still need to get them back to complete this quest. There...
  4. TONSofAG

    [Diplomacy] Recreate Neretzes' Folly... Preferably Without the Folly... But Folly Still Possible (this gonna be long)

    SHORT Description: Make it possible to bring several major factions to the table at the same time in order to propose peace and or create an alliance. DESCRIPTION: Hello War Siblings! I enjoy spilling blood as much as the rest of you but don't you feel that this game is exactly the kind of...
  5. TONSofAG

    [Traveling] Set Destination(s) / Resume Travel to Destination(s)

    Greetings War Siblings! SHORT Description: Be able to set a destination (or several) and easily be able to resume that destination rather than needing to find it on the map and click on it again. DESCRIPTION: This map is large. I'd even say my opinion is that the map is pleasantly...
  6. TONSofAG

    [Functionality] Be Able to Access Any Menu from Any Menu

    Greetings all, SHORT Description: I believe we should be able to go to any menu from any menu without needing the mouse to do so and or needing to exit one menu to enter another. DESCRIPTION: I noticed that in order to navigate from one menu to the next, I either need to use the mouse or I...
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