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  1. Steppe bandits and caravans

    Caravans largely can't access areas that have steppe bandits in them since steppe bandits are strong enough to fight them, and even smaller groups fast enough to surround them and attack with multiple parties. With the 30% boost to autoresolve that cavalry get they tend to kill caravans very...
  2. Resolved Cultural feat 'Sturgian Snow Agility' doesn't work because game can't detect snow as a terrain type

    I'll add that the food and movement speed debuffs that are intended to be applied when traveling through snow also don't work for the same reason. Beta 1.3.0 but it's been like this forever I think..
  3. Do looters add anything to gameplay?

    Serious question: do looters add anything to gameplay? As I think more about them, the only thing they do is cause problems within the game. What's their purpose? Why do they spawn seemingly randomly rather than in response to events such as raids, sieges, prosperity loss, etc? Are they...
  4. Raiding is not viable due to massive relations penalty

    Try to raid village. Militia defend -6 relation. Raid starts -6 relation. Allied army needs help -- break off from raid and go help. Start raid again -6 relation. After one raid you can basically never recruit from that village again. I'm not sure how to fix this, but it definitely needs to...
  5. In Progress Imperial Menavliton units just use their swords

    As title says. I've never seen them switch to their menavliton. They draw their sword and just use that, making them pretty pointless as a polearm unit. 1.3.1 beta (or whatever the latest version is).
  6. Being forced to use autoresolve due to being 'wounded'

    This is idiotic. I have 1 hp less than the 21 required so I'm forced to lose tons of my army due to the crappy autoresolve system. Can you guys remove this? I don't think anyone likes this. It serves zero purpose. If I want to go in a battle with 1hp and die from a fart wafting in my nose...
  7. Stop ping ping armies: armies should need to rest/camp from time to time

    Right now when an army is faster it can bounce around, doing endless about-faces and generally do whatever it wants as long as it is 0.1 faster than an enemy. Army movement speed is a constant and entirely calculable. I am 0.1 faster, therefore he can't catch me. This makes campaign movement...
  8. Adding in Khuzait racial trait just makes their campaign OPness even more obvious

    They steamroll in every game. Every game is a race to get an army strong enough to join the northern Empire and stop the Khuzait from doing more than taking Syratos or Epinoa because if they get Amprela the campaign is pretty much over. It's getting old. Can we seriously nerf this nonsense...
  9. Lord/Lady needs a tutor quest is nearly impossible since we can't access quest companions' inventories anymore

    Since we can no longer access quest companions' inventories to change their loadouts and since many of these heroes have maxed combat skills, it makes doing this quest extremely difficult. It used to be easy enough to train them in bow, crossbow, throwing, etc. but since they now always will...
  10. In my current game Khuzait own every mercenary company

    They have over 7K strength and are at war with 4 different factions each with around 2.5K strength each and they're winning. A large part of their strength is that they own every mercenary company. They win every battle that I do not participate in. What's going on here?
  11. It takes longer to raid a village than to siege a castle

    See title. This makes no sense. Setting up sieges is way too fast. There are many other problems with sieges such as autoresolve not looking at which siege engines are built, etc. but I'd say setting up a siege (i.e. the siege camps) should take at least twice as long as it does now.
  12. In Progress Siege battle: allies throwing boulders down murder pit at attackers are hitting the inner gate and destroying it

    As title says. Allies throwing boulders down the murder pit at attackers are doing more harm than good because they're inflicting hundreds of damage on the inner gate every time they throw a boulder.
  13. Need More Info 'Confident Contender' in The Spy Party quest has wrong description

    If you draw the following descriptors - Has beard - Has no facial scars or markings - Is not bald then I believe the quest needs you to duel the 'Confident Contender'. The problem is that he actually is bald...causing a lot of confusion.
  14. Losing entire armies in one battle needs to be changed

    Right now the bandaids for the AI like their zombie instant respawns, Harry Houdini prison escapes, and problems such as their armies full of recruits are caused largely by this one issue. Then you have it when the player loses a battle -- boom, whole army gone. Rebuild it all because game...
  15. Two simple high-priority and low-effort fixes right now

    1. No more war declarations while already at war. Please. Stop this. It shouldn't be difficult to just add a check if a faction is already in a war and to not have it declare another if this is the case. 2. Add a truce timer after peace treaties. I don't care if it's just a temporary value...
  16. Council of the Commons trivializes influence

    I hold one castle and a town and this is giving me +20 influence per day. Is this supposed to be +2? I have thousands of influence saved and can do whatever I want. Surely this can't be intended.
  17. No line of sight outside of party

    "Your settlement is under siege" "Your village is being attacked" *checking army window to see which armies are moving to defend settlements of my faction since I can't see which ones are being attacked* *moving map over settlements and listening for the battle sounds to see if they're under...
  18. Khuzait are op

    Please nerf this stupid faction. Horse archers are insanely OP in battle and there's no way to reliably catch them on the campaign map or outrun them. They are all kinds of dumb, and the fact that you kill them and they respawn with horse archers and just merge right up into another freight...
  19. Aserai skirmisher line doesn't make much sense

    You go from Aserai Skirmisher -> Aserai Archer line. Fine --they ditched the javelins for bows I guess. But if you go from Aserai Footman which doesn't have javelins, it upgrades to Aserai Infantry and then to Aserai Veteran Infantry, both of which have javelins again. I get that it seems...
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