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  1. In Progress Crash after defeating Conspiracy Patrol

    Absolutely the same problem. Constant crash on the loot screen after defeating the Conspiracy patrol in the Arzagos quest to capture three groups of forest bandits. 2021-07-24_19.19.59_da941a52c102385bc7b5fe96125f581d
  2. Resolved [1.6.0] Game doesn't start

    I installed Windows updates for the last month, updated VC+ from the link, then Steam downloaded something else and the game finally started. Thanks!
  3. Resolved [1.6.0] Game doesn't start

    Summary: The game does not start beyond the launcher. Previously there was version 1.5.4 and everything worked. Then the game was removed and version 1.6.0 was loaded. The integrity of the files has been checked. The folders with the game configs have been removed. No mods. Game folder in...
  4. Resolved My and enemy icons are confused

    Are you still having the same problem on our current build?
    I dont know, i didnt play new versions of game. I will inform you if I encounter this bug again.
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Has cavalry spawn on the mountain in desert battles been fixed?
    Fixed missing high-level armor on sale?
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Has cavalry spawn on the mountain in desert battles been fixed?
    Fixed missing high-level armor on sale?
  7. Need More Info Not enough equipment for sale

    Are you still experiencing this issue?
    Yes, 1.5.5.
    We are trying to figure out whether this is a new change or something that already existed in the game.
    I am just asking for confirmation.
    1. In the second and third screenshot, you show one from the cheat screen. Was this intentional to show us the items which are not available?
    2. Also, does this problem started to appear when you updated from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3?
    1. Yes, I showed it on purpose. High-level armor has a high price and does not appear on sale. I can only see her on the cheat menu.
    2. I don't remember exactly if it was on 1.5.2, but on 1.4 everything was fine (I took a break and missed a few patches).
  8. In Progress e1.5.4 Battanian Oathsworn

    this error with gloves (also with bedouin's avatar) lasts from the first version of game and then disappears, then appears again. they'd better remove them and redo again.
  9. In Progress e1.5.4 Battanian Oathsworn

    once i got this error on 1.5.4. restarted the game and updated the video drivers. some of this helped.
  10. Resolved Character and smithing screen UI issues

    I have been informed that this issue has been fixed. Thanks for reporting!
    actually the smithing screen is not fixed
  11. The Nerfs on Armors

    This is not a solution to the problem, but a workaround. Anyway thanks, it works.
  12. The Nerfs on Armors

    Returning to the topic: I can't find high-level armor on sale anywhere and apparently this is not fixed in the new patch. It sucks. Any mods to fix this?
  13. Resolved Can't enter any settlement

    I played a little yesterday after updating and caught a bug similar to yours. I was besieging the city and could not send troops to attack, the buttons "send troops" or "leave" simply did not work. Before that, during the siege, I was attacked by an enemy army, but I fought off. As I remember I just outplayed the save.
  14. Checkbox to remove siege messages

    IMHO, when the siege continues for a long time these messages look like spam and do not allow you to see really important information, for example, the beginning of a siege of a feud or the death of a hero. Checkbox in the settings?
  15. Resolved Horse Animation error?

    Same, unmodded
  16. Need More Info Not enough equipment for sale

    Something happened in 1.5.3-1.5.4 because there are tons of equipment missing (in particular armor, not sure about weapons) that are actually in the game. It doesn't matter if level 5 or 35, the offers on the market are almost the same, even in all cities of the same kingdom. All that the...
  17. In Progress CTD on Graphics Change

    I noticed that the game does not always, accidentally crashes when entering the settings menu, it is not even necessary to make any changes. The same goes for the developer console when changes are made to the game config file. Yes, the changes are saved, but the game can crashes.
  18. Resolved My and enemy icons are confused

    During the siege, the icons of my and the enemy kingdom are mixed up. I think this bug was already a long time ago in one of the patches and was fixed, but nevertheless it was encountered again. It does not always appear.
  19. In Progress d3d_device crash

    It seems to me, but the latest Windows updates can cause crashes. I returned to version 1809 ltsb and they practically disappeared from me. Although I had crashes mostly at the end of the battle or when taking actions. After crash, I also received messages like the graphics device disappeared in the system. My card nvidia but nonetheless. I didn't even bother updating drivers after 1809.
  20. Resolved 1.5.4 Beta - My wife wont get pregnant

    Same problem. My campaign started on 1.5.4 and is now coming to an end, while my wife Apolanea still hasn't gotten pregnant. For years I went with her in party, waited in the city and appointed her governor. Nothing. By the way, the relationship is -2. Maybe the reason is that I tried to marry several others before her.
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