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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Matchmaker currently doesn't balance teams after finding enough people to start a game. This was fine in theory since a ranked system would make it so all the players in a match would be close in skill. But ranked isn't introduced since then and we decided to have a temporary solution to imbalances.
    Balancing done based on previous games and parties won't be split.
    So it should not affect parties
  2. [BEAST#1] Top 16

    Hawkband + XIIIth Tagma vs King's Gambit is scheduled for Sunday 26th of July, 20:00 CEST
  3. [BEAST#1] Group A

    Cintra vs King's Gambit
    05/07 20:30 CEST (18:30 GMT)
  4. [BEAST#1] Group A

    Sultans Gaming 6-6 Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit Victory 2 maps won

    3-0 2-3 1-3


    We confirm this score.

    It was a good match and you gave us a hard time.
  5. [BEAST#1] Group A

    Rokoszanie vs King's Gambit
    20/06 17:00 CEST (15:00 GMT)
    Some of the rounds will be live on:
  6. [BEAST#1] Group A

    Sultan's Gaming vs King's Gambit
    22/06 20:00 CEST (18:00 GMT)
  7. [BEAST#1] Rosters

    Player Removal

    Team Name: King's Gambit
    Name of player(s):

    Player Addition

    Team Name: King's Gambit
    Name of player(s):

  8. [BEAST#1] Group A

    Rokoszanie vs King's Gambit
    20/06 17:00 CEST (15:00 GMT)
  9. Resolved [e1.0.7] Couch is stuck in position

    In 1.4.1 this bug still exists.
    How to reproduce: When couching have no keys pressed. Press w, a or d. Now when you press x the icon on the bottom right shows that you are not couching anymore, however your character is still couching. This also makes it possible to couch at really low speed.
    Hopefully this will help you.
  10. [BEAST#1] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: King's Gambit
    Name of player(s):

  11. [BEAST#1] Preferred Game Mode [Vote]

    Clan/Team: King's Gambit
    Which is your preferred Game Mode? As already suggested we would like a BO3 for groupstage and BO5 for the knockouts. Otherwise we will vote for BO5.
  12. [BEAST#1] Suggestions

    Is the vote for the preferred game mode only for a groupstage or for the whole tournament?
    We would like to suggest BO3 in groupstage and BO5 for knockouts.
  13. [BEAST#1] Class restriction [Vote]

    Clan/Team: King's Gambit
    Do you want to impose a class restriction?: Yes
    If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer?: 2
  14. [BEAST#1] Rosters

    For "King's Gambit" the contact persons should be Xorty and me.
    Also our clantag is "k|Name"
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