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  1. Programming folks can you help me

    I just started to study programming and the language used to teach it is so difficult and abstract, I don't really understand it. But that's ok, the question itself is whether the machine language and assembly language are specific or general languages, and why if you don't mind. xx
  2. Warband MLG [Teaser Trailer is UP]

  3. Unnamed [uN] [Recruiting] [Competitive] [Watly-free]

    Disclaimer: This clan is in no way whatsoever related to Watly. Hey there, I'm g7. I'm a top-skilled veteran of the game with around 1700 hours played and with many tournaments taken part of alongside several clans. From last years I've consistently hung out usually topping the scoreboard on...
  4. what happened to PW

    What happened to the Aldric and Strider days on the great EU_A and their awesome events that went off for RCC? How did RCC went downhill in favor of a server whose admin found joy in bathroom selfies and useless forum drama? What happened to the lovely RP community which were always a pleasure...
  5. LITTLE MOD REQUEST - Urban rap clothes suit in SP

    Hey there fellows, I was wondering if someone would like to make a totally anachronistic suit to be implemented into my single player as an armor (boots, helmet [rap hat] and chest). Teenage rapper-themed. For the lols. See you ^^
  6. Bringing Nditions back? - Poll

    Easy to do, vote what u think, try to keep it unbiased. Please don't vote "nope" if you don't care about dueling things; just don´t vote anything. bye
  7. LátigoCepa! Canal de Youtube

    Hola chavalada, tengo un muy pequeño canal de Youtube en el que grabo vídeos diversiosos (o eso intento XD) de Warband y más juegos; por ahora no tengo a ningún seguidor adepto, así que quieres ser el primero, adelante. :P Si tienes/tenéis alguna crítica constructiva estaría bien que la...
  8. there's an announcement I have to announce to this community

    Hola suckings Today is a bad day for this game and you all because I'm leaving skene I know how u are feeling bambino/a; worry not for pro gaming top lvl is back in banerlol ok Maybe u say "why I care" well ma nigga I plys minecraft I explain why left u see: so I was in counter strike with...
  9. Team Spain "Ñ"

    Hey homies. Spain is back after a long, long time... Markes ([color=yellow]C) Donut ([color=yellow]co-C) Sir Galahad ([color=yellow]co-C) Charlini Martín El Cid CTCCoco      DonPollo Juanky               LexT                     Lord Salchichón                ...
  10. Persistent World Funnies

    Back when this mod was fun Donut had some beautiful moments in the PW servers EU_A and EU_United, in the almighty River of Sorrows. Here's the most recent one, which is very brief but intense: Some people voted me as lord in a 10 man faction, I instantly changed the faction name to Donut´s...
  11. Football and/or Soccer Thread

  12. Corpse kicking - VOTATION

    badarse no offense to rats.
  13. Recording Warband in Fraps: LAG (solved)

    Hello, in this game happens that I get the maximum fraps when I am not doing a recording task, but when I do, it lags like mad since start. GPU is superb and so is the CPU. Software: FRAPS. Is there a way to overcome this? Halp  :cry: This is a similar thread ...
  14. Recruit the donut

    Hello I have no clan  :cry: verry sad can some clan recruit me n all dat shizzle ok thnx!  :) Skill: I am da bestest I eZ u everyday. steam: lal post here k byes
  15. BOO

  16. Javelinball - Poll

    Shall this meta-sport be brought back from the murk? YES TO VOTE YES NO TO VOTE NO What is Javelinball? || Rules What is Deathball? No appreciation is made between these in the poll.
  17. Nations Cup 2013, ¿España?

    Hola a todos, Nations Cup es un torneo internacional de Warband Native donde los jugadores mejor cualificados compiten por su país de nacimiento, o de residencia. Las puertas para entrar se cierran a mediados de febrero. He hecho este tema para comprobar si alguien estaría interesado en...
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