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  1. Schoulayer

    Idea for Multiplayer Campaign Action

    I had an idea that would allow multiple players to smoothly play the single player campaign together. What if you could create a mercenary group that consisted of yourself and a few companions or soldiers. Imagine if you could join another player's single player game with your mercenary group...
  2. Schoulayer

    POLL: Passive Income - How good should it be?

    I'm curious where people stand on this. I take the position that caravans and workshops should be sufficient to pay for passive expenses like troop wages and food. Passive income from fiefs should be sufficient to pay for a reasonable garrison for a castle. What I earn in battle should be what I...
  3. Schoulayer

    Suggestion: Occasional Bad Judgement for NPCs

    For the most part, an enemy noble will not chase you unless they have a numeric advantage. Factions do not attempt to siege a castle unless they have a crushing numeric advantage. That kind of behavior is intelligent, but it's also predictable and robotic feeling. Humans are not always like...
  4. Schoulayer

    Custom Banners

    I can understand why we cannot import our own custom banners for multiplayer. Players could upload inappropriate images. It would also cause gameplay issues as players would be forced to load images from every other player. However, I see no reason why we should not be able to import our own...
  5. Schoulayer

    Economic Difficulty Choices

    The game gives us numerous choices when we start a new campaign. For combat, we can set how much damage we receive. On easy settings we take one third damage, on realistic settings we take full damage. For travel, we can choose between having a 10% movement speed bonus or not. We can even choose...
  6. Schoulayer

    Generate Your Own Companions

    Suppose I am looking for a companion with a specific skill set. As of now, I have to go from tavern to tavern hoping to find one that matches my needs. This is a long and boring process. Sometimes, there are no companions with the skills I want and I have to settle for a companion that has the...
  7. Schoulayer

    [BUG REPORT] Cannot Name Crafted Weapons

    I successfully named my first crafted weapon, but when I attempted to name another weapon the same thing, the game did not allow it and it went back to the default name of "crafted one handed sword". After that, I could not name weapons no matter what name I chose.
  8. Schoulayer

    Customizable Companions

    I love games that let you add a few custom party members. Can you create your own companions in this?
  9. Schoulayer

    Warband - Companion Fighting

    I just purchased warband today, so far I'm loving the game.  The only thing I'm dissapointed in so far is the companion infighting.  Most people hated it in the original :? Honestly I can't understand why the concept was carried over to warband (at least, without adding an option button to...
  10. Schoulayer

    More item selection in towns

    Is there any sort of item editor, way to duplicate items, or mods to increase item selection in towns? It's rather frustrating to look for a balanced <item> , and find half the cities don't even carry the item, and the rest of the cities carry rusty/normal/heavy items. I wish all items were...
  11. Schoulayer

    Edit your character's stats

    One of my previous intelligence based characters had read all of the books, and my new character can't now.  It says he has already read all of the books (100% in all of them), even though he only had 4 intelligence at the start  :? So, is there any way to edit your character's stats to what...
  12. Schoulayer

    Warlord Suggestions

    For those who have never been a warlord before: You become a 'warlord' when you have no alliegance to a king and still hold land. There's a few things that bother me about how the warlord system is setup at the moment. First, I can see how kings won't deal with you when you're just starting...
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