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  1. Ovelord Magnus

    B Medieval Fantasy A Twist of Fate (ASOIAF)

    Do you plan on doing voiceovers for the characters?
  2. Ovelord Magnus

    SP Native Panzer's Cutting Room Floor: Sexism

    That would be pointless, limiting to the player, and weirdly essentialist. They didn't do that in Warband, why would they do it with Bannerlord?

    God, it's the old /tg/ -4 Strength trolls all over again.
    They actually did it with Warband, though.
  3. Ovelord Magnus

    My wife got violated by and enemy lord

    My wife was a lord when I first got married to her and because of that she still acts like a lord when I make her the leader of one of my parties. She has a higher troop count and will automatically recruit troop if she gets captured and released so I use her as a party leader quite often.

    However, I just got a message that my wife is with child.....but she isn't with me.....and come to find out is actually a prisoner of the Khurzait and must have been violated if she is pregnant.

    I got to say, I really didn't think Taleworld's would go there but wow, who knew they would make a female getting captured in the medieval period so realistic.
    You could've at least posted the image you stole this from, it's way funnier.
  4. Ovelord Magnus

    Will there be a mac version? if there will be one, when?

    I guess I will have to educate myself on how to do that.

    Have you (or anyone else in this thread) had experience playing Bannerlord doing this? Good/bad/indifferent results?
    I never dual-booted with a Mac, only Linux/Windows, but a dual boot only means you have a Windows installation, it would not conflict with your MAC and your PC would function as a Windows would. It's just the hassle of restarting the PC with you want to switchover the OS.
  5. Ovelord Magnus

    Will there be a mac version? if there will be one, when?

    Bumping this in hopes that we might hear whether there are plans for a Mac OS version. The game sounds awesome from what my PC-owning friends have said so far. I don't own a PC capable of handling this game and it sounds like stuff like Wine, Parallels, etc. won't cut the mustard either.
    You can make a dual-boot with a software like Bootcamp.
  6. Ovelord Magnus

    Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    Explains why they are always alive after the snowball!!
    In most of my games they are the first or second (after Western Empire) to fall lmao
  7. Ovelord Magnus

    Food Variety bonus drops with to much Variety

    So Alan Jackson was right, after all...
  8. Ovelord Magnus

    Unresolved In Progress How do you add M&B games to your title in your profile?

    Mine works fine. Must be a problem on your end.
    I'm having the same problem - I was able to login to my account in the old site (as I've already registered the other games I own)
  9. Ovelord Magnus

    SP Native Kortlcha's Expansion to Native mod (v7) |v7 has released

    I hope you will still update on this forum, I like your mod, it really feels like Native like it should have been.
    He just released a new version over at ModDB, just so you know.
  10. Ovelord Magnus

    Tutorial Other Install and manage mods with Vortex

    Nice! I hope that the Nexus becomes the, ahem, nexus for all Bannerlord modding - the mod manager is just superb, and now that we can have multiple mods active, this is going to help a lot!
  11. Ovelord Magnus

    Unresolved In Progress How do you add M&B games to your title in your profile?

    I had that issue weeks ago but for me it is fixed(have you logged in here?
    Yep, it gives me a 404, not sure if it's because I have a space in my name?
  12. Ovelord Magnus

    BL Coding Game crashes with more than 11 mods (Modules)

    Yep, facing this problem as well!
  13. Ovelord Magnus

    PIN: List of profitable workshop locations

    I tried testing that trick but doesnt seem to be reliable too since sometimes the cheap high volume raw material are not locally produced. Im guessing caravans have a role so maybe setting up a caravan in the same workshop town is beneficial?
    In theory, what should work is:
    Town #1 produces a high amount of Grain, low amount of Beer
    Town #2 doesn't have high amounts of Grain nor of Beer
    Set up Beer Brewery in Town #1 and a Caravan from #1 to #2.
  14. Ovelord Magnus

    BL Other Steam workshop

    The steam workshop is probably getting added when the mod support is getting added, so it will come with the full version of the game
    Wait are you confirming that mod tools and proper mod support will only be at full launch?
  15. Ovelord Magnus

    Unresolved In Progress How do you add M&B games to your title in your profile?

    Had the same issue but it turned to be my login details that were wrong.
    What do you mean? I'm having 404 issues as well when trying to login, but it asks for the username.
  16. Ovelord Magnus


    Are your drivers and Windows up to date? Have you tried reinstalling the dependencies on the sticky thread?
  17. Ovelord Magnus

    Crossbows gameplay?

    Are you just portraying your opinions as facts or do you have insider information?
    He's just spouting nonsense, you know, sarcasm. Plenty of troops have it, and you can try it in tournaments. And you can buy one as well.
  18. Ovelord Magnus

    Bug repport: Family Feud missions (1.0.4)

    It seems that every time I take these missions, When I get to the second village to talk to the notables, the Character I'm supposed to be with doesn't spawn in the scene.
    Same here, tried him in every position at my party. But this is not the bug report forums. It's here, and people already reported that. Using the "Search" function helps!
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