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  1. Marquis de Montalban

    The Parable of Taleworlds and the Skins Update

    There once was a game called Bannerlord,
    Its gameplay left the players all quite bored
    There wasn't much they could do
    outside of post on the forums and spew
    Now they'd much rather being playing as a Nord.
  2. Marquis de Montalban

    Profanity filter …

    This filter will lead to the creation of more Pest Insults (tm) (of GK Siege and TDM fame).

    For this sole reason im ok with it because it encourages people to be even more creative in game.
  3. Marquis de Montalban

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

    We're afraid if we include Rempica his AI will become sentient and start RDMing the mod
  4. Marquis de Montalban


    Knew something was suspicious about this man when he went 7-0 in an NA pickup one round, then -1-3 the next. No player can be so inconsistent.

    I am very ashamed of you Kane.
  5. Marquis de Montalban

    Seasoned Taoge - Looking for Gangban...I mean Active Native Clan Actions [NA]

    If ur NA (which I think i recognize the name) ur only viable native clans are House Brightfyre or GK. These are the ones to message as Im not savvy with discord.

    @Vahaemar Brightfyre
  6. Marquis de Montalban

    is the forum broken for anyone else?

    [Using this thread as an excuse to satisfy my curiosity]

    Edit: What? My profile didn't change???
  7. Marquis de Montalban

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Even my old NA captain is against me, this is truly sad times!
  8. Marquis de Montalban

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Your nickname: At the time of the ban SLIPPERY_SNAKE but if not found LGN_Shovenio
    Server & Time (if possible): -
    A short description of the situation: Well this should be fun! I am playing a MM match and I am in the round of 2-2 I believe or 2-1 to the opposing team. Duck decides to team kill me on purpose after I got hit by the enemy cav player, the enemy cav player is already half way across the map so I decide to wait near our flag but he team kills me on purpose via crossbow on the horse. Me being me didn't appreciate that and team hit his horse next round. Duck being an over reactor decided to report me on this and blow it out of proportion but I got no justice for it either.
    For how long were you banned?: The big PERM
    Who banned you?: Probs Lapache
    What rules did you break?: A team hitting rule (once on a horse)
    Why should we unban you?: Well tbh being perm banned for a team hit on a horse is petty beyond belief. I understand i've done other team hits but half of them are either in the fight where it can't be helped or its been in the past. Learned my lesson from the last one but didn't expect to be perm banned for a horse hit so I know what to expect due to that. I know its mostly a lost cause doing this but its worth the shot. I know what is expected even horse team hits are not allowed it seems after being teamkilled on purpose but yes I understand. Just trying to enjoy my time playing a game that I spend most time onto and the free time I have after work and such. Game needs as many players as it can take and I understand the rules and conditions set by admins and such, my behaviour has improved significantly and that can be proven.
    You deserved it you nonce
  9. Marquis de Montalban

    Heavy armor should deflect arrows

    Casually gonna leave my consistent suggestion here:

    Create some strategic tradeoffs for an archer by introducing a perk of arrows which are slower, have more drop, and have less ammo, but are registered as blunt damage so they do substantial damage to an armored opponent.

    Change the damage output of regular arrows to "cut" damage, and lower damage as needed, so it is possible to kill unarmored/lightly armored opponents in under body 5 shots, but the heaviest armor need upwards of 10 arrows in body shots.

    Unfortunately, this would require extensive testing to find a sweet spot with the speed damage multiplier of the arrow but hey, that's why we're in beta (still).
  10. Marquis de Montalban

    boats will save this game

    "sid meiers pirates or something"

    Hi, as a representative of Sid Meiers Pirates, I support boats in MP Bannerlord
  11. Marquis de Montalban

    the wu tang clan

    1) age: older than Cow but younger than Maddawg
    2) height: Meh
    3) weight: Wide
    4) level of polish knowledge (not necessary just curious): Wojtek was a trained bear who would carry crates for the Polish military during WW1?
    5) thoughts on naval combat: yes but next we need viable air combat
  12. Marquis de Montalban

    fix the kicking hitbox

    It was an extremely niche way to punish people who telegraph their actions.
    I feel personally attacked and insulted by this statement
  13. Marquis de Montalban

    There is no counter-play against kick-slash

    @Gibby Jr you cant fool me I know the only reason you came into the thread was to post ur clutches!!!!!!!

    As NA warband's second most famous kicker (behind lagstro), Im definitely in favor of the punishment window and stun effect lasting longer, along with a narrower width to the effectiveness of the kick. Ive always viewed a kick as a gamble mechanic- if i succeed, i should get a free hit if committed, if I fail, my opponent should get a free hit if he's half paying attention. This high-risk-high-reward means that the kick becomes highly situational, where you're only going to do it if all the factors (I.e. timing, range, 3rd parties) are in your favor. Warband had a really good balance to the length of kicks as well, where you could play at a medium range and trade blows without constantly kiting, and still be out of range of the kick unless you came to close distance.
  14. Marquis de Montalban

    EU Native Battle Completed Warband Revival Cup - Announcement and Signups

    that kind of defeats the purpose because the dynamic of matches changes alot when they are played as an 8v8 as opposed to 6v6
    Agreed, not to be mean but there are times when your odds of winning are better 6v6 than 8v8. Plus, idk if people still try hard this much, but if a captain spends all week planning a strategy for a 6v6 and it turns into an 8v8 they end up having to wing it
  15. Marquis de Montalban

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    nevermind the game is dead lmfao. i wasted money paying for the servers

    NA has a long running tradition of killing off the game and then returning months later for no real reason. We appreciate (even if some of us don't say it) you spending your own money to provide a spot for us all the game for a bit, and you're of course justified in taking the servers down while no one is playing. I'd save the registration info tho, cause inevitably for some reason we'll all start playing for a few weeks sometime in the next 4-5 months lol
  16. Marquis de Montalban

    Cavalry is overpowered

    You are all forgetting the key vision TW has for the game- the goal is to have 'peasants and knights' on the same battlefield. If you have peasants and knights on the same server, you're obviously going to have a power disparity. Balancing takes a backseat when you have a class specifically designed to be the "best" on the server. Knights (i.e. heavy cav) simply MUST be better than the other classes, or you start having issues with realism (weak virgin archer versus chad knight). Quit whining and either play the class yourself or just get used to dying to it.

    Sarcasm aside, if TW isn't going to limit the ability of people on the server to play as the arguably op class (such as by instituting mandatory class limits or raising its gold cost to allow it only 1 spawn in skirmish, and requiring more kills in other modes), it needs to give tools to the other classes to allow them to more easily do damage against heavy armor horses, while not making those same weapons incredibly OP against light cav as well. Perhaps perk tweaking such as keeping mace damage the same against unarmored horses, but giving them a major damage buff against horse armor? Or giving archers an arrow perk which deals increased damage to horses, but is less effective against human players?
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