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  1. Luckso

    We want South American servers

    What makes this game's multiplayer awesome is because it's SKILL based real time pvp. So timing between attack and defense makes a huge impact in the game's combat system. It's very important for us to have a server. I really hope after such a successful release TaleWorlds wont let us down! Come on, we waited years for this moment.
  2. Luckso

    We want South American servers

    @Callum .. seriously.... try playing warband or bannerlord with 200 ping... its impossible. please reconsider and add south america servers.... PLEASE!
  3. Luckso

    Unresolved Failed to login.

    win 7 64bit too. please make it work thanks.
  4. Luckso

    Login failed

    same issue.... win 7 cant log in....
  5. Luckso

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    uraguey being part of brazil, and all.... Masenko has been playing ARCHER ONLY for the past 7 years.... hes not cheating, hes just good. So L2p.
  6. Luckso

    Bannerlord Argentina

    a todo esto quien es nymeris?
  7. Luckso

    Bannerlord Argentina

    lo importante es saber que el everest es navegable. el resto no importa.
  8. Luckso

    Bannerlord Argentina

    Luckso reportandose. No se metan con luacha. es una institucion carajo.
  9. Luckso

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord at E3 2017 – Our Thoughts

    im frankly tyred and pissed off about this long waiting. As a consumer, and long time fan of M&B, there is only one thing i can do to punish the TW for this:
    if this game is not released by the end of the year, i will not buy it. i will still play it, but wont buy it.... until i get it at a big discount. what TW is doing to his fans is horrible, and shouldnt be encouraged.
    you guys have an ironclad fan base. we should be able to have at least a beta in our hands to the end of the year. if not, you will not get my money. period.
  10. Luckso

    Warband Competitive Matchmaking Client / BETA / [Update: 1.1.0]

    a suggestion.... it would be nice to have a chat room in the queuqe area.... so the waiting is more fun... and we can check if the queuqued people is still there.
  11. Luckso

    Warband Competitive Matchmaking Client / BETA / [Update: 1.1.0]

    this is awesome.... im trying it now.  12 minutes and no luck.... but i ll keep trying. nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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