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  1. rokema

    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    Killing people with a couched lance is ridiculously easy. Kills shields and players often in one hit. Right now to get a lot of kills cav someone only has to run around the map in circles, hoping they run into unsuspecting players. Way too easy. This isn't skillful or fun in any way. I have a...
  2. rokema

    Game crashes when lauching a new game

    Got the Brytenwalda mod, it crashes at "launching" when I try to start a new game but it works fine when I load another charachter.
  3. rokema

    If I buy the complete pack will I be able to gift M&B warband to a friend?

    Title, Already have M&B warband but I'd like to gift it to a friend once I buy the complete pack.
  4. rokema

    My views on "Destroying roleplay"

    A lot of people seem to be crying / complaining about others destroying their roleplay. --------- In my opinion a vital part of "role-playing" is adjusting to the situation and staying in your role. So, by my ideology the only way to "destroy" someones roleplay is by breaking the rules,(I.E...
  5. rokema

    New Two-handed stabbing animations, please

    Title. The animation with overhead stabbing is stupid, changing it to a stab from like, the waist or lower would be better, if any of you played the mod: Age of Chivalry, it has knights stab exactly the way stabs should be in a game. Also, spinning would be gone with this since stabs wouldn't...
  6. rokema


    Post screenshots of M&Musket That french army, huh?
  7. rokema

    Not getting stunned when attacks bounce off armor.

    See title, Hate it when a spammer gets a free kill when my initial attack bounced off him. I'm ok with my attack doing no damage when it bounces off but still, I feel that he should at least get stunned a bit..
  8. rokema

    Horses should be expensive again:

    Every time I try to rob someone as a bandit they just run off on their horses and serfs shouldn't be able to ride horses anyway. They're damned peasants! And in b4: Lolno randomers. -Get some damn mercs / pay the bandits.
  9. rokema

    Tavern Bouncer: My story

    As a bouncer you need two fortunes: Fighting and Patience. I possessed merely one of them. Having merely a mace, a crappy shield and a cloth tabard I started my Job, telling people to get off their horses and sheathe their weapons in the tavern. The first few hours on the job were good...
  10. rokema

    can't press X while holding W

    ^ Title For some reason when I hold W I can't press X to couch people, it came suddenly and now it doesn't work on anything, PLEASE HELP!
  11. rokema

    Controlling your villages and your people!

    The first time I got my first fief in Mount and Blade I was thrilled, I quickly rushed towards it and saw the lack of options, since then I've been having ideas upon how villages could be and how they could grow. I'd like to see these things in M&B 3 These are some ideas I had: 1. Controlling...
  12. rokema

    Nerf jumpslashes

    I hate it when fully armored soldiers jump over my slash and hit me while I'm a horseman. 1) Most of your swing strength comes from your footing, so you wouldn't be able to swing that hard, unless it's an overhead. 2) It's stupid and it breaks the atmosphere. 3) Fully armored knights jumping...
  13. rokema

    I think someone already suggested this but... Add ideas also

    Well, how about starting your own village? Starting as a mere village leader/elder, taking out skilled hunters from your village to hunt bandits and animals, using the skins to start businesses, sending out a party to go fishing/trading and having to save them once they're kidnapped etc...
  14. rokema

    [Suggestion] Lancing too easy?

    As I see it, lancing does not have many downsides besides: PROS: Lance stays in the air for a few seconds making it horribly easy to stab people. Owns sword and board cav. Owns archers which try to run around you. Couching. Does tremendous damage, almost always a 1hitkill. Sideways stabs which...
  15. rokema

    Warhorse / chargers should be a different breed.

    Basically, a warhorse / charger is a Hunter with armor on, this is IMO stupid since: A hunter doesn't seem to be a horse which can carry a fully armored guy + Armour plating. I think there must be a breed of large, muscled horses which where specially breed for wearing armor + plate armor...
  16. rokema

    Lances for lancing(Couching) Spears for stabbing and swords for slicing.

    As a cav that uses only swords I am having a very hard time killing people using greatlances and such, sometimes I even have to use my horse as a wall and ride into them so I can get a few swings in. Greatlances and lances aren't meant for stabbing, they're meant for couching so why don't we...
  17. rokema

    For the love of Ragnar please add sweetspots. (And nerf bastardswords)

    Longaxemen are killing people point blank with the handles in one hit, vaegir bardichemen turn before they swing so their axe hits you in the start of the animation, Swadian swordsmen are spamming their bastardswords faster than any other 2hander.
  18. rokema

    Suggestion: Donating money to your team for points?

    Sometimes when I'm doing good I get a lot of money which I don't use so I suggest this: For instance: 10 other teammembers, you donate 100 gold and each of them gets 10 gold and you get a point? Another suggestion: giving money to individual members. (With a cooldown to avoid abuse of rejoining)
  19. rokema

    SUGGESTION: Nerfing 1handed axes

    Every time I play with or against nords there seem to be a few turtles. With turtle I mean: A guy with two huscarl shields and a 1handed axe. For me it isn't fun to fight them since they only exchange blows with me until my shield dies, and they hardly take any risks by trying to hit me while...
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