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  1. M0rdred

    Unresolved Unable to give companions equipment if they have their own party

    You are unable to provide new equipment to a companion once they have been given their own party. I'd expect to be able to speak to a companion if they're in the same town as me, and have a dialogue option to give them new items. You are still able to manually allocate their skills, so I assume...
  2. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Soooo I've found myself in Michigan and I'm staying with the main man himself; Saxondragon. I managed to persuade him to join a stream, so come hang out with us as we play some Prophesy of Pendor! If you've got any questions for the creator of the mod, this is a great chance to ask directly...
  3. M0rdred

    Mordred the Viking (Let's Play)

    Time for Mordred to go a-viking. The Frisian-born has lost everything, and decided that it is therefore time to take everything. So I recently finished up my popular Let's Play of Prophesy of Pendor. I've had my eye on Viking Conquest for a while, and considering that my channel is called...
  4. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor AMA now live!

    An Ask Me Anything (AMA) is live with MitchyMatt and myself over on Reddit;
  5. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.706 - INTERNAL TEST FOOTAGE

    I've abused my authority as a developer to bring you this footage from the internal beta test for the upcoming Prophesy of Pendor 3.706. This is a test build. It is not final. Expect bugs, oddities and other jankiness. If you see any issues, please do post them in this thread or as a comment on...
  6. M0rdred

    Steam Under Attack

    Latest; "Steam is back up and running without any known issues," a Valve spokesperson told GameSpot. "As a result of a configuration change earlier today, a caching issue allowed some users to randomly see pages generated for other users for a period of less than an hour. This issue has since...
  7. M0rdred

    Let's Play - Prophesy of Pendor - Mettenheim Style!

    So in celebration of PoP 3.7 being released, I've decided to do a Let's Play of my run through. As you know I am a developer on the Pendor team, so I hope that I can offer some unique perspectives as I go. That being said, I had very little to do with 3.7, so you can enjoy my childish pleasure...
  8. M0rdred

    Aftermath Reborn

    The forum-based roleplay Prophesy of Pendor Aftermath is back! You can find information of the Aftermath reboot here; It is based on the Nobility of Pendor following the Noble Wars, and each player participates as one of the nobles in the former Jatu...
  9. M0rdred

    Mad Moments in Pendor

    So I was thinking of starting to record some of my games last night, but in the end decided not to. Realllly wish I had now, as it was one of the most intense sessions that i've had. Bit of background - I am the King of Pendor, owning the town of Laria and its holdings. I had a garrison of some...
  10. M0rdred

    Mystmountain Army Vs Jatu Army

    So I was just running an Order mission for the Dragons (hunt down Jatu or Mystmountains), when I stumbled upon the jackpot. 1 Mystmountain army was fighting off 2 Jatu armies, with a combined total of some 1,500 men. I decided to join in (on the Jatu side), and watched an absolute maelstrom of a...
  11. M0rdred

    Vinland: Arctic Assault (Indie) Greenlight Campaign!

    Zatobo Games are very pleased to announce that Vinland: Arctic Assault has been released to the public. You can get it by visiting our website,, or by visiting our Desura page; Vinland: Arctic Assault is a game in which you...
  12. M0rdred

    Something gamers everywhere should care about

    Some really interesting, and I hope important developments have been transpiring in the past 24 hours. Basically it is an article in reaction to the recent developments of Double Fine getting massive quantities of...
  13. M0rdred

    The winds of change

    I know that many of you have been waiting (im)patiently for an update on the progress of Pendor, well I have some news; some good, some bad. First the bad, After over a year at the helm of the development team, I have taken the tough decision to step down as the lead designer for this...
  14. M0rdred

    Hardest Town to Siege

    I am in the process of assigning town scenes to the new towns in PoP4 and would like your impressions of which towns are the most difficult to take? I am not talking about geographical or garrison-wise but pure siege mechanics. Why is it so tough to take?
  15. M0rdred

    PoP4 Melitine Preview

    I've spent much of the day trying to input the new art work and replace the Empire with them so that I could test their new gear and check the art quality in game. This is what I got;
  16. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor 4 Recruitment [Open]

    Hello everyone! Now that the new management of Pendor has settled somewhat, we have had time to assess the skills of the current team, and have found that we will need some new blood in order to carry through all the changes that we want to see for the release of Pendor 4. We opened this...
  17. M0rdred

    Recruitment Call! - Recruitment is now closed - Thank You!

    Hey Everyone, We filled our quotas for all departments now, thus recruitment is now closed, so thank you to everyone who wanted to contribute!-- MP
  18. M0rdred

    Legendary (King) Weapons

    There has been  a lot of discussion recently about the Legendary weapons so I dug through the developer notes and found the background lore for each. More details can be found through rumours. I think some of the names and models have changed (I was away during the final 2 weeks before release...
  19. M0rdred

    Caption Contest

    Not officially sanctioned by the dev team, but when I saw how this screen-shot came out, I had to hand it over to the creative genius of the TW forums. So, best caption for the below screen-shot wins a pat on the back from Frederick himself.
  20. M0rdred

    Website Updates

    Firstly I want to apologise to all here for my lack of speed with regards to getting the website up and running, real life took over with exams, essays and the like in order to finish my university course. However that is (mostly) behind me, and together with some great volunteers we have got...
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