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  1. Reindly

    Need More Info Out of place sitting in throne room

    He's sitting out of place. There are some more graphical glitches like extra dark in workshop zones. Also, some NPCs don't load in right in some cities.
  2. Reindly

    Faction Imbalance

    Does the success of a kingdom rely on policy? In my game day 500 Battania took over the entire map with no interference from me. I was part of Vlandia and I was getting negative influence. When I came to the conclusion that their policies will only put me down and I hopped over to Battania which...
  3. Reindly

    Need More Info Enemy AI with projectiles miss by a lot.

    On realistic difficult whether it be a rock or javelin enemy units tend to miss by a lot. They try and aim to where I'm going to be when I'm using a horse or even walking in some instance. They miss by a good margin and that makes it easy to cheese them and draw attention away from my army with...
  4. Reindly

    Any chance for open source?

    I've looked around but I've yet to find if you've answered the question in any of the posts here. Is there any chance this mod's source will be released to the public? I'm sure me and a couple other like-minded people would love to continue development of the mod if you wouldn't mind making it...
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