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  1. Llew2

    Does Warband Run on an Ultra Wide 21:9 monitor?

    Basically, the title says it. I'm thinking about getting an 34" ultra wide monitor (LG Electronics UC87 34UC87C, to be specific), but I heard a rumor that Warband doesn't work on it, due to resolution problems. Since I still play Warband on a regular basis, it would kinda suck. So my...
  2. Llew2

    Happy 10 Year TW Anniversary

    I joined the forum 10 years ago today. And my life has gone spiraling down into soapy oblivion ever since been enriched beyond measure by all you lovely forumites.  :P In all seriousness, even though I don't post much these days, TW has been going strong for the last ten years, and it's a...
  3. Llew2

    Old Norse Spells and Words of Power in Futhark?

    Hail, learned gents. I'm looking for Old Norse/Viking spells, blessings, curses or words of power to engrave on a staff that I'm making. The vikings and other cultures inscribed objects with runes to bring them luck (or curse their enemy, etc), and I'd like to do the same. I've searched...
  4. Llew2

    The Duck and Spackle Bar Mk. II

    Llew strolls into the newly refurbished bar. Most of the scars from previous brawls and disagreements have been cleared up, and the freshly painted bust of Xerina sits lovingly in a corner; a fond reminiscence of olden times. Llew props himself against the bar, and orders a pint of something...
  5. Llew2

    Star Wars 1313

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about this game yet. So without further ado: The game is centered around bounty hunters and the dirty, gritty Coruscant underworld, and it's rumored to be the first star wars game to get an M rating. It'll be a 3rd person shooter, which is the main...
  6. Llew2


  7. Llew2

    Is this MSI laptop a good buy?

    Howdy, ladies and gents. I'm in the market for a laptop, and I'd value your input. The main one I'm looking at is this MSI GE620 Notebook. It is in both the price and feature range I'm after: Decent memory, Ok HDD size, good physical size and weight, and a good graphics card. Also the 1920 x...
  8. Llew2

    Developer's Note: exhominem

    New Developer! I'm happy to announced that exhominem is taking on the development of the Hundred Years War mod. As you can see, he will be taking the mod in a new direction/date, introducing many of the most famous characters of the war who aren't in the current mod time period. I'm looking...
  9. Llew2

    Hundred Years War Patch [v6.0.1] April 1, 2011

              Hundred Years War Patch v6.0.1. I'm pleased to announce that the patch is finally released. Download Here! Instructions: Simply run the installer, and install into the the HYW folder. It should be the default choice. Fixes many of the bugs in v6.0 of the Hundred Years War mod: -...
  10. Llew2

    OSP Musket Era 3D Art Flintlock Firearms

    Flintlock Firearms OSP Well, despite the remarkable lack of interest or enthusiasm for the 3D Art thread post, I'm posting these for the public to use. Perhaps there are one or two people could benefit from them. Download! Included in the zip: (Despite the name, only three of the six are...
  11. Llew2

    Featuring the art of Donato Giancola!

    I'm very honored to announce that the artist Donato Giancola has generously allowed me to use his Agincourt painting as the background image for the main menu. Full credit and thanks go to this fantastic master artist.
  12. Llew2

    SP Medieval [WB] Hundred Years War v6.0 Released!

    An de Grâce 1371, already thirty-four years of War in France... The Hundred Years War Version 6.0: The Hundred Years War Mod is a full conversion of Mount & Blade Warband v1.134 based on... the Hundred Years War! Download here! The main features of 6.0 are: Two historical factions...
  13. Llew2

    Wrong board

    EDIT: Wups, wrong board.
  14. Llew2

    Script bug: Lords not getting renown?

    I need a scriptor to take a quick look at this, if one could; I'm positive the error is in plain sight, but I can't see it. In-game, all the banners get assigned properly, but none of the lords have any renown. 0. This happened when I was messing with the banner script, so it may be a syntax...
  15. Llew2

    Modern Medieval Art?

    I'm looking for modernly done, medieval themed paintings/art, to include in my mod. I figure you all would probably know some. So far I've gotten permission from Donato Giancola to use his Agincourt painting, and I'm in the process of asking Lacedemon if I can use some of his awesome artwork...
  16. Llew2

    Program to remove unused textures and resources from a mod?

    I distinctly recall someone making a nice little program that when you ran it, removed all unused textures and maybe even brf files/objects from a mod. It was a fast and easy way to weed out extraneous/outdated crap from a module folder to keep the file size down. For the life of me I can't...
  17. Llew2

    Lords being refered to as 'knight_2_3' instead of real name?

    This is a strange problem. When I first start up the game, everything is fine. Lords are all wearing their proper names. Everything is good until any one of the lords changes his allegiance or is indicted for treason, or one of those other scripts. Then the lord in question is referred to by...
  18. Llew2

    A little scripting help: assigning banners to lords of two factions

    I'm not a scriptor, but any stretch of the word. I can hack a little bit here and there, but when I have a problem like this, I'm basically stumped.  :P All I'm trying to do is get banners assigned to all the lords, after chopping out all but two factions. Naturally what's getting me is the...
  19. Llew2

    Changed starting town, merchant house scene is gone?

    I changed the starting town in module_game_menus, and now the merchant's house is gone. After being ambushed and talking with him, I'm taken to an empty plain scene. Anyone got a tip? Do I have to rename the merchants house scene to be town_9 (the new one) or something?       ("town_2",[(eq...
  20. Llew2

    Tips on Running a Sub forum

    I've been meaning to write this for a while now, so here it is. With so many mods having their own sub forums now, it's surprising no one has posted any guidelines or tips on how to run them. Here's a shot at it. (I couldn't really think of a better place to post this topic, since it's not about...
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