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  1. Ovelord Magnus

    Unresolved [1.0.2] Launcher not launching (Steam version)

    I was able to play yesterday, and now I can't. When I try to launch, the launcher icon briefly appears in my taskbar and disappears, and the process is also gone from task manager. I tried deleting the Launcher config from My Documents, but it doesn't even create another and is not launching...
  2. Ovelord Magnus

    Need More Info [e1.0.1] Can pass through the town of Charas

    I can pass through the town itself, not sure if intended.
  3. Ovelord Magnus

    SP Medieval Musket Era [WB] In Flames [WIP]

    Everything here is WIP and is mostly likely subject to change. As I am a novice modder, this thread will also serve as a diary of sorts, so I will keep posting here the progress! I have started an overhaul that will use a new map and, for now, eight factions. It's on early development and...
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