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  1. N0ught

    Model Crashing The Game At Arena

    Could anybody tell me why this model is crashing the game in the arena? I have helms with more polys that work fine, so its not that. :?
  2. N0ught

    SOLVED: Bugslaying: Errors That Crash The Game But Do Not Show In Compile?

    Specifically that's the issue I am having right now - the game crashes during combat, and especially at arena, even though everything compiles fine. There can only be a certain number of things that could cause this. But I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, and what the...
  3. N0ught

    Module System Objects: Is There a Limit in

    So I am well aware of the Item Limit in the M&B 1.011 module system... But my question is: since all the files contain objects, is there a limit to the number of menus you can have in
  4. N0ught

    Coding Issue; Makes No Sense; Losing Mind A Little Bit...

    Alright so can someone PLEASE tell me why changing the following causes the arena to crash? Original Code:   ("action_corpsewife2_step",0,   ".\ ^^Perform the ritual of The Silent Step?\ ^^Ingredients: Woolen Hose, Blue Hose.",   "none",   [ ],     [      ...
  5. N0ught

    Checking the logic of a Module System file?

    Alright so I cannot figure out why my file is causing the game to crash - I have a backup file from not long ago, and everything works fine with it, but the only real difference is more lines of text. I don't see any commas out of place. So I have two questions: 1: Is there a...
  6. N0ught

    Face Code Question! (M&B 1.011)

    Self-explanatory... * Is there a way, at the start of the game, to set a specific troop's face code, to the one the player chose at the start of the game for their character?
  7. N0ught

    (NEW!) The Metatron - Solid and Shade ***DISCORD*** Chat Channel Been wanting something like this to talk directly to the community. Thank you to "ze_burretoe" for getting the head rolling on this. Come join the conversation. I will try to be on as often as I can.
  8. N0ught

    NORM: A Serial Killer RPG - Updated 02/18/2018

    Nexus Download Link: Introduction: I seem to have lost my tire iron... A little more than two years ago I was going through a... dark period in my life. I had my heart, and possibly my mind, broken terribly - I think that love almost turned into a...
  9. N0ught

    M&B 1.011: Changing Default Message Color

    Seriously. I want to change ALL of the basic white pop-up messages to a light green, to provide proper contrast for the map during the day and night, on my predominantly faded-yellow map landscape. I figure it is either hardcoded, or in a simple spot I am missing...
  10. N0ught

    The Book of Thoth - Poll: What do you use?

    I was curious how often you all use Divination methods, and how many of you play superstitious characters who make their decisions based on them? Sound off! One. Two... 8-) I personally enjoy the Tarot Cards. The descriptions I wrote for them (somewhere around 128 of them, I believe; literally...
  11. N0ught

    Perpetual Prisoner? Simulated Character Life Until Death

    Alright an idea for what I want to accomplish is: ~ A character creation choice, that causes the character to start off as a prisoner of an outlaw party, which moves about the map on the standard AI - this would look just like getting taken prisoner like normal. This would present the dogma that...
  12. N0ught

    Script/Whatever That Refills Lord Parties After They are Defeated?

    Ok, so I am curious what the exact script is that refills Lord parties after they are defeated? Because the new faction's Lords in my mod keep respawning back at the faction city(ies) with only themselves in their party...  :? It is not related to their lack of money, I checked the game_start...
  13. N0ught

    New Faction Lord Defeated - Not Regenerating Troops?

    Is there a script that sets the money for lords at the start of the game? Please enlighten me.  :mrgreen: EDIT: As in, the actual money they carry? I have a new faction that is hidden until partway through the game, and when the lords of that faction are defeated, their parties regenerate WAY...
  14. N0ught

    Valid Question: Can a random modifier be added to an item? M&B 1.011

    Just as the title says - can a random modifier (rusty, chipped, etc.) be given to an item (a weapon for instance), whether at the time it is placed in an inventory, or after? I can't seem to find any literature on this subject. :dead:
  15. N0ught

    The Ghost Machine - Poll: What Are You?

    Pretty self explanatory. Vote in the poll by picking your fave type combination, and explain why below, if you like. :mrgreen:
  16. N0ught

    The Meat Grinder - Hardcore Gameplay Experiences (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    In light of the new possibilities for "hardcore" style play, I thought we should have a section for people to relay their many heroic or tragic exploits. For the sake of "rules", the following should suffice: 1 ~ Completely random character generation choices (the exception being gender if you...
  17. N0ught

    M&B 1.011 - Which Items in Are Not Used By Native?

    These are the ones i am currently looking at. They sure look like placeholders, and would free up a lot of space: Previously, I removed: And: ... If there is a list of items that are never used by the Native module, PLEASE point me towards it. Otherwise I have to check to see if the name of...
  18. N0ught

    M&B 1.011 - Town Walkers: Adding them to a particular scene?

    Hello. My question about town walkers concerns this: I have a scene that is not related to any location on the world map. All of the code for walkers seems to point towards parties, not scenes. Am I missing something? Or is there somewhere in the module system, where the code checks to see which...
  19. N0ught Question M&B 1.011

    Alright, so in my mod, blind characters have a presentation that is supposed to play in every scene, covering most of the screen. It works perfectly, except in one place: arena battles. The blindness trigger is in both the "arena_melee_fight" and "arena_challenge_fight" templates, and during...
  20. N0ught

    Tournament Questions for 1.011

    Alright, this is exactly what I have done, and what I need to do: *I have added an extra town, and I want the tournaments there to be more like a bloodsport - with all the brutal weapons I can muster. On that note, I need to know... *How do I bypass tournament weapon and armor assignment...
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