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  1. Inquisitive_Shingen

    [SoE] Sons of the Emperor / ''used to be competitive clan'' / Since 2010

    Does anyone know when Napo is dropping his fire mixtape on Soundcloud?
  2. Inquisitive_Shingen

    How famous is the above player?

    Wouldn't trust him with two's on your ciggie, chats absolute macca, good friend known him since 2012
  3. Inquisitive_Shingen

    How famous is the above player?

    Oh and I heard that bannerlord is one of the biggest flops since moist bread
  4. Inquisitive_Shingen

    How famous is the above player?

    mighty warlord shingy, u should come back to save this community :cry:
    Alas, I work too much and have too much money to play this piss poor game anymore.

    Would fly over to the Netherlands when it isn't in Amber to say hi though. :smile:
  5. Inquisitive_Shingen


    Hi Murat Yıldırım, I really like your videos. Especially the one where you tell Joe Biden to wake up.
  6. Inquisitive_Shingen

    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    Stop the warband drama. Play competitive Golf With Your Friends.
  7. Inquisitive_Shingen

    New profile themes

    The Jeremy Clarkson year was still the best, but it has its...charm I suppose
  8. Inquisitive_Shingen

    [K***A_] Knight Unicorns and Retarded Warrior-Assassins

    moro, im from suomi, im 16 yers old, im lookink for a very competetive clany for bannerlurd, i am infe, my favourite tv show is kummeli, my cv is attached, pls kall bak.
  9. Inquisitive_Shingen

    New 6v6 tournament?

    cos people should take ur advice on tournaments after ur last bit of advice was great. Go back to NW r a t
    H E R O I C
  10. Inquisitive_Shingen


    nice, I hope you got a better trim and that fietta body pillow you always wanted
  11. Inquisitive_Shingen

    Tournament vote?

    Before you ask, no I am not coming back to Warband John. I'll just stick to laughing at the bannerlord complaints on the forum thanks xoxo
  12. Inquisitive_Shingen

    Next tournament nation-based?

    Still waiting on that regional UK tournament
    Yeah what happened to this tournament, it was the only decent tournament idea since 2017
  13. Inquisitive_Shingen

    One last go on IG_Battlegrounds

    Kind of sad I missed this, maybe we can do a big event like we did in the past. Massive battle, maybe some high tier duels or some throwback fun matches and stream the whole thing.

    I think a lot of us would come back for one final grand good bye!
  14. Inquisitive_Shingen


    Hello guys. I would like to apologise on the behalf of Fietta. He has been extremely angry and quite obnoxious since the start of No Nut November. Don't take anything too seriously though, he will forget all about this after his 18th wank on the first of December.

  15. Inquisitive_Shingen

    [TWC] €1000+ Cross-Module Tournament Signups

    Interesting read, thank you Gibby.
  16. Inquisitive_Shingen

    What tournaments should we have before Bannerlord EA?

    RobinWar said:
    Jurgen said:
    RobinWar said:
    You talk so much **** jurgen

    Really Harry Potter? Go to bed, tomorrow you have the train 4/7

    hahaha wtf does that mean

    tbh Jimmie Åkesson does look a little bit like Harry Potter.

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