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  1. Swyter

    Mount&Blade Cartographer | Just my own spin-off...

    Hi. It's a tiny dynamic library plugin to read the Windows Registry from LuaJIT, here's the full source code, I built it myself with the script in that folder nine years ago:

    I use it here to auto-find the game install paths:

    Makes sense that some antivirus are a bit weary of it, given the weird compiler I used (TinyCC). But it looks like a false alarm to me.

    Here's the changeset:
  2. Swyter

    Mount&Blade Cartographer | Just my own spin-off...

    The easiest way probably is copying the game's Data\font_data.xml and Textures\ into your mod's folder, that should be enough for cartographer to ignore the (unreachable) game's font. There's also the self-contained way cartographer comes configured when you unpack it, you can just replace some extracted local mod/module system folder example files, edit the map and copy the edited files back.

    But yeah, ideally you'd just export into a mod folder that the game can actually load and that cartographer can actually access.
  3. Swyter

    Mount&Blade Cartographer | Just my own spin-off...

    Seems like the program is trying to load the font files (first from the mod folder itself, if any, and then from the main game folder).

    In your case the module folder is set to C:\Module_System\DEUS VULT!, looks like there is not a Data\font_data.xml + Textures\ in there, so it tries going two levels up (your mod folder should be inside of the Modules folder at <game-root>\Modules\DEUS VULT!\FONT_DATA.XML) to grab it. Because the game doesn't seem to be there it errors out and stops.

    So, that's the problem. Either edit your to point to somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\DEUS VULT! or do it the other way around, like TLD, and have the module system folder inside of the normal mod folder and just set it to a relative path like (..). With the mod inside <game-root>\Modules (or for more advanced users; symlinked with mklink /J "c:\wb\modules\<your-name>" .. A folder junction or symbolic link is like a transparent shortcut for a whole folder, the exact same file shows up in two places).

    Hope that helps.
  4. Swyter

    Warband Modding Community Survey

    Interesting. I agree with merging back normal and modding forum sections. Something neat about the old SMF layout was that you could see every section at a glance, so normal people checked out the modding section and vice versa. Now the modding section is tucked away into its own button, and the hierarchy is a bit too deep for discoverability, I think.
  5. Swyter

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    As always modders just cry and cry about everything, its the same in every game...
    They are also really good about time and money; makes a lot of sense to spend 10 years doing free videogame DLCs in your mom's second basement with a loose group of faceless Internet people to then put it on NexusMods to give them ad revenue based on tenuous copyright infringement and enjoy all the fun selfish-mod diva references and y no wimrar wrok in your inbox as payment knowing that your are one DMCA letter or Kotaku listicle away from getting the boot, while you fight with uncooperative tools and see "content" "creators" making drawn-out 10:01 minute videos from their second Ferrari.

    Really makes you think. 🐧
  6. Swyter

    Real-Life DLC or Expansion: Michael the Brave

    This is a fun thread that reminds me of old TaleWorlds. I'm not a history buff, and I have learned a thing or two. So, thanks for that.
  7. Swyter

    Mount&Blade Cartographer | Just my own spin-off...

    Right, makes a lot of sense. I took a look and importing the Wavefront OBJ like this in Blender 2.92.0 seemed to work:


    Basically, don't split. After that the materials showed up correctly and I could assign them to the mesh with the (C selection keybind as I show in the guide).


    After that I tried toggling various Blender Wavefront OBJ export checkboxes and it essentially worked every time, no matter what I tried to mess it up.

    But, in any case I recommend these settings, I believe my importer only cares about Write Materials (that's the important bit, otherwise you will get a pure plains/green map) and Triangulate (otherwise raw quads will appear with holes), Keep Vertex Order makes text diffs tidier, but it's not a big issue. Write Normals doesn't do anything because they get discarded (the game and the editor regenerate them from the triangles at runtime), same for UVs:

  8. Swyter

    FSR support in bannerlord

    Took a look at the tech sample yesterday, seems alright. At least it doesn't depend on temporal antialiasing. I honestly don't mind a softer (bilinearly) upscaled image, but this sharpens it a bit and does it well.

    So it's cool people have the option. Hopefully it gets added to M&B 2 to stop our graphics cards from doubling as leaf blowers. 🐧
  9. Swyter

    B Tutorial Presentation Easily create your own in-game fonts — step by step, /w pictures

    Overhauled the tutorial to look good under XenForo's BBCode markup syntax.
    And added a bunch of extra mirrors. Hopefully this will last for a while.

    Thanks to Ferro Ignique#5606 on Discord for noticing that both links were down.

    Have fun making fonts. :party:
  10. Swyter

    Transfer: M&B Repository -> M&B Nexus

    The procedure is also disingenuous; long, manual, full of red tape, all-or-nothing and made to minimize the amount of deletion requests:

    Here’s an overview of the deletion requesting process:
    • Until 5 August 2021 (10:00 AM BST), you may request all of your files to be deleted permanently from our services. Requests received until that date will be processed even after the deadline has expired.
    • In order to streamline the process you may only request to have all of your files deleted (all or nothing).
    • We will only be processing deletion requests based on this template sent to [email protected].
    • We can only honour deletion requests sent from the email attached to your account.
    • To fully process the deletion: after receiving your email, we will send you a personal message on our site/forums to confirm the deletion and you will need to respond to it before the deadline expires.
    • The announced changes to file deletions i.e. the introduction of file archiving remain active.
    • Should you not request a full deletion of your files until the designated deadline, you accept that going forward your files will only be deleted at the discretion of staff.
    • You accept that new files uploaded to our services after the designated deadline will only be deleted at the discretion of staff.
    • The option to archive your files at any time is not affected by this.
    • The status of your Nexus Mods account will not be affected either way i.e. your account is not going to be deleted or suspended whether you request a deletion of your files or not, unless you specifically request it.

    They are intentionally obfuscating and stalling in bad faith. But then you see reddit threads like this one painting modders in a bad light because we go against the grain, and the poor users want convenience; they want it all, want it now and want it free. The moment the mod creators' and players' needs stop aligning they throw us under the bus. Super fun.

    So far I have avoided Nexus as much as I could. If this is the kind of site you want for Bannerlord mods, good luck.
  11. Swyter

    Transfer: M&B Repository -> M&B Nexus

    Thanks for the heads up. I have never been a fan of the (ad-ridden) Nexus.

    These sites have always leeched off from our work, the difference was that at least on ModDB we had full control over our project profile, as a team with a hierarchy, unlimited-unregistered no-wait downloads, news posts and galleries. Using it as a styled website and all-encompassing hub for your community.


    I don't think the whole deletion-prevention thing is enforceable. If someone emails your GDPR DPO asking the Nexus to delete all her stuff, and you don't... Well, then that site is going to get in trouble, and fined. I believe.

    The fact that the Nexus guys were quick this time around lobbying and opening a Bannerlord section super early to get the bulk of the sequel community onboard means that they smell business from a mile away, because for Warband it didn't totally caught on. Thankfully.

    But yeah, in any case this is a bit like treating mods as forced disposable Lego pieces of preassembled kits someone made in an afternoon, and you can't do anything to control it creatively. So that the first thing someone searching for The Last Days gets from their one-click installer is the "Ultimate LotR modpack (ePiC) (muSt-havE!!) ツ" and comes with a badly ripped movie soundtrack, spider mounts and a purchasable flaming Anduril item. Well, you are screwed.

    I don't think most of us mind submods, as long as they are their own separate thing. Going in this direction blurs the lines, deemphasizes the authors by adding an indirection layer, and we can't do anything about it.


    The only positive thing is that at least in 2021 we have a lot of alternatives if you need to host big files. While these sites come in handy for promotion and discovery, you don't need them anymore.

    Back in the day bandwidth (and space) was expensive. Now you can open a GitHub or Bitbucket repo and post a release with a direct link that gets hosted at Amazon AWS for free.

    I have my qualms about places like the Steam Workshop (Valve still hasn't implemented a way of changing authorship/account/editing descriptions without recreating the item and losing everything, and the TaleWorlds uploader program is still broken) and, but at least the poster wields some kind of control.


    So yeah, I think we as modders are tired of always getting the short end of the stick; you spend ten years working on something coherent out of love or pride, and then at the end of the day the base game developer gets its share, the clickbaity YouTubers/variety streamers that play it (adding your funny commentary on top is "content" "creation", sure) get monetized and the ad-ridden file hosters reap the benefits. In exchange you get some exposure, experience, the sword of Damocles of copyright infringement (in case you get featured in Kotaku get ready for your complementary DMCA takedown request), bug reports, some mean comment in Polish from someone downloading a version from three years ago from a different site you didn't even know about, and little respect for your work.

    Perfect business. A bit tongue in cheek, but that's what I think, at least.
  12. Swyter

    FSR support in bannerlord

    Usually when games implement NVIDIA middleware and features they seem to get a marketing push and other niceties in exchange. I wonder what's in the contract.

    But they have also partnered with Intel in the past, so it would be interesting to compare both solutions in the same game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The more the merrier, I'm not a fan of TAA or reprojection and the whole postprocessing vaseline-on-lens soup abused by modern games, but at least this is cross-vendor.

    MSAA doesn't work for specular aliasing (it only softens the jaggies at the edges), but it would look less blurry. Give me that over TAA or reconstruction filters every day of the week.
  13. Swyter

    Mount&Blade Cartographer | Just my own spin-off...

    Strange, the problem with checking for errors after drawing is that it's hard to know which line is the bad one, the one with the invalid enumerant, I would need a better error callback to track it down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If the error is non-fatal you can try opening cartographer.lua with a text editor, scroll down to the line 384 and add -- just before lujgl.checkError().

    Save and restart the program, maybe that works as a stopgap solution. Let me know how it goes.
  14. Swyter

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Right, makes sense it would be added to retain compatibility, I saw that it didn't appear during live editing so I suspected it. I noticed the help page last year but missed it this time around, good call. Super useful.

    Yeah, I took a good look at the whole icon list and I didn't find anything better than that.

    Interesting that they don't have a monospaced text button in there, the big P with a handy mouseover text should do the trick. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thanks for all the good work you do here, Janus. I appreciate it.
  15. Swyter

    Mount&Blade Cartographer | Just my own spin-off...

    swyter please tell me how to get the latest version of cartrographer. I tried github but you it is archieved :sad:
    please help me, im struggling without it. i registered to forums because of this.

    Earendil helpful as always. Thank you. :party:

    I have recreated the original Bitbucket repository more or less from scratch to make all the original links (even the wiki/downloads) work again. Should be easier than changing every linked post on the Internet. I have also fixed the main post to fit the Xenforo bbcode markup. Have fun.
  16. Swyter

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Looks like the [pre][/pre] bbcode tags exist and may be useful to avoid stripping leading spaces. Maybe adding a button for it under More options... is worth considering. It's like an inline code block, but allows clickable links and other bbcode tagging and doesn't get the gray background.

    I was searching for this and it turned out to be supported out of the box:

    It was also used (and had an editor button) in the older SMF version of the forum. Some of my preformated blocks need fixing.
  17. Swyter

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Maybe making it work with the numeric ID is enough, it should be easy to tell people how to grab it from the side embed box.

    That would only require whitelisting the iframe URL pattern. Not sure how flexible Xenforo is.
  18. Swyter

    Steam Workshop Support [BETA] - GAMECHANGER

    Still same error
    Used powershell, cmd and steam

    Steam is open, I am online.

    Those are three different errors; in the right-most window the uploader program is the one actually showing the error. The program is working, but it tells you to keep the Steam service opened in the background. Funnily enough logging into SteamCMD logs you out of the normal Steam client and service until you restart it. So that's probably what's causing the issues with the TaleWorlds uploader program.

    In the blue window it would show the same thing if you started the line with ./mbw_workshop_uploader.exe. You shouldn't use SteamCMD to launch other programs, see below.


    There's an alternative way of uploading mods by bypassing the TaleWorlds uploader and directly using Valve's SteamCMD, which is what I actually use.

    A bunch of us have talked about it before, see here. But you need to create a .vdf file in a different format with some configuration data and then use it on a special workshop_build_item workshop_entry.vdf command. Either from the prompt after login, or in a single multi-command line, as shown below:

    Here's a sample workshop_entry.vdf that we should use the first time around, when you need to create a new Steam Workshop entry, you can try it by uploading a blank folder with just a module.ini, or something:
        "appid" "48700"
        "contentfolder" "MyModFolder"
        "previewfile" "preview.jpg"
        "visibility" "1" # swy: see here for the numbers:
        "title" "My Warband mod" # swy: can be changed later from the Web UI
        "description" "My description, supports BBCode." # swy: can be changed later from the Web UI
        "changenote" "My changelog, supports BBCode." # swy: can be changed later from the Web UI

    Then call SteamCMD like this with your own account information. Careful about that, as it may ask you another second-factor code the first time you use it if you have Steam Guard enabled:
    steamcmd +login myLoginName myPassword +workshop_build_item workshop_entry.vdf +quit

    If the upload is successful it will give you a published file ID (in our case 299974223) which you can use it to find the mod in the Web UI, but you can also see your published Workshop entries in your Steam profile:

    Then, every time you want to update it we need to use a slightly different workshop_entry.vdf with the bare minimum to avoid overwriting any previously set field (like nuking the title or description, or marking it private) by mistake. Here's another example, notice how this time around we provide a publishedfileid with the correct number, anyone from the team added as mod author after the fact can upload new versions:
        "appid" "48700" # swy: this is M&B Warband's AppID on Steamworks, you can find it in these pages:
        "publishedfileid" "299974223" # swy: if we don't add this it will create a new entry instead of updating an existing one
        "contentfolder" "MyModFolder"
        "changenote" "My changes."

    Then we use the same command again. If everything goes well the update should appear in the Change Notes tab.

    More info here:
  19. Swyter

    Steam Workshop Support [BETA] - GAMECHANGER

    In PowerShell you need to prefix programs in the current folder with ./ or they won't work.

    You can also type cmd to go back into plain command-prompt mode, then that command will keep working fine.

    Blame Microsoft for changing the default interpreter.
  20. Swyter

    How terrains work (scene)?

    Yeah, Recast is a pretty good library, you still need to do some AI mesh clean ups after the fact, but it should save a lot of time when you're doing the first pass of your new level. Making these by hand in the edit mode editor is super artisanal.
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