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  1. h1zchan

    BL Coding Is there no way to force troops in Bannerlord to use spears?

    As we know AI troops in Bannerlord prefer to use onehanded and two handed weapon when fighting other infantry. This has created a problem where Menavlion and pike wielding infantry units seldom use their main weapons. This is just silly. So my question is, is there a way to force the AI to use...
  2. h1zchan

    Game Design suggestion/discussion: Dungeons, landmarks and player's base camp

    The Problem: I've been playing the Mount and Blade series since 2012 and while i've thoroughly enjoyed every title in the series, it always felt like there's something missing from the series. So the other day I spent some time analysing Bannerlord's gameplay mechanics, especially by comparing...
  3. h1zchan

    Smithing - pommel size vs weapon stats

    Currently when crafting weapons in the game a larger heavier pommel reduces swing speed and increases cutting damage. This doesn't make sense. It should be the reverse. A heavier pommel moves the point of balance closer to the hilt thereby allowing the sword to cut faster at reduced power. Also...
  4. h1zchan

    More explorable locations in the reforged edition?

    I'm really hoping there will be more explorable locations on the map in the reforged edition since the devs mentioned there will be more RPG elements. Currently I find myself spending 90% of the time on the campaign map, sailing and trading to make ends meet. This is a little disappointing. I...
  5. h1zchan

    Does Morgh's txt editor for Native work for VC?

    Does Morgh's txt editor for Native work for VC? Has anyone tried it yet?
  6. h1zchan

    [inquiry] Is it possible to make idle shield block melee attack too in warband?

    Hi all, I've done an hour worth of searching without finding anyone asking the same question in previous posts, so I'm bringing this up. I'm new to modding so plz don't mind if what I'm asking for turn out to be ridiculous. I'm just wondering, if it is possible to make a singleplayer mod for...
  7. h1zchan

    Central grip shields

    I've always been annoyed by the leather straps on the shields. I'm trying to apply this patch to Imperium Romanum The problem i have though, is that the patch not only changes the shield animations but also reconverts all the game elements back to...
  8. h1zchan

    Does anyone actually use the default formations?

    I find these formations a bit buggy, like, the spacing between individual soldiers seem to be a bit too large, making them vulnerable to enemy cavalry charges. Most of the time I just tell the soldiers to break formation (F4 and then F8) at the start of the battle, and then tell them to stand...
  9. h1zchan

    A few things that annoy me in Brytenwalda

    Please don't mistaken me I love this mod. It's by far the best mod ever made in my opinion. By posting this thread I just want to provide some constructive criticism and ideas for possible future improvements. I also understand that many of the problems actually came with the native game engine...
  10. h1zchan

    Welsh factions AI too powerful?

    Hi I've just started playing this mod and I really like the gameplay. However I've encountered this one problem which kinda annoys me, although I'm not sure if it is worth discussing. I'm currently on day 380, still independent and owning no fiefs or territories, only a few factories, and guess...
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