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  1. SolInvictus123

    Switching between main and beta.

    Hello Can you switch from a beta playthrough to the main and have your saves still work once the main is updated? I want to start a new playthrough but like 1.5.5 better as it fixed a few things that are on the main branch. Such as your brother not being addable after rescuing him. Thank you
  2. SolInvictus123

    Brother stuck in a quest?

    Hello Has anyone found away to be able to access your brother in the inventory window? He seems to be stuck in the quest where you rescue him. Thank you.
  3. SolInvictus123

    Will 1.5.5 Be compatible with current main version?

    Hello I'm thinking of starting a new playthrough on the main. Will 1.5.5 be compatible with all the changes that come with it when its added with previous saves? Thank you
  4. SolInvictus123

    Max character age?

    Just as the title says does anyone know the max age of a character before they die of old age? My guy is 35 right now and I'm about 20 hours into this go around. Thank you
  5. SolInvictus123

    Resolved Freezing since 1.5?

    Has anyone else noticed frequent and severe freezing since 1.5 started? My game would freeze and crash the odd time before 1.5 but now it is like once per hour regardless of what I'm doing? Thank you
  6. SolInvictus123

    Beta to main branch question

    Hello I want to start a new play through but don't want to have to wait for the main to update. If I start playing 14.3 on the Beta can I turn the beta off when it updates on the main and still have my save work? Thank you
  7. SolInvictus123

    Please Fix Player faction constantly declaring war

    Hello Please TaleWorlds fix that once you create a player kingdom your kingdom without you doing it will declare war every few days for no reason. PLEASE!:)
  8. SolInvictus123

    Stop your Lords from assembling armies

    Hello As the title says is there anyway to stop your lords from assembling armies. They raise an army for a doomed attack or against a target that makes 0 sense. Whatever happened to having/ being a marshal and only they can raise armies. Thank you
  9. SolInvictus123

    Player faction keeps declaring war randomly.

    Hi has anyone noticed that if you have your own kingdom every 7 days or so your faction randomly declares war on another faction? It was working normally for the first month or so, then it started.
  10. SolInvictus123

    Horse armor locations?

    Does any one know the various locations that typically sell horse armor. I have found only two places so far. Thank you
  11. SolInvictus123

    Import/ Export

    Hello Has anyone heard if you will be able to import characters as the game gets developed? This for me makes early access a bit easier to keep playing because you can at least save some of your characters leveling/ cash by importing them back in the game. Thank you
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