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  1. Dean Beecham

    What Happened to Ageing

    Why has the Ageing changed , Now all you get is a little sag in the face. I can not make old characters anymore in MP. plus in single play they still look in there 50s when they are in there 70.. I hope TW bring it back. ..
  2. Dean Beecham

    Training For Kids

    What do you think. I would like to have it from the age of 10 you can pick where and what your kids train in. they start with no states so training would be important .this will go until they reach the age when they become a part of the clan.. not sure yet what that age is yet .. Say. Kid 1...
  3. Dean Beecham

    To Upgrade Companions

    I have seen putting companions into there own party they upgrade much faster .. the thing is for you to upgrade there states you have to get them to dismantle there army and to rejoin you. this is a pain. In WB we can go up to them and do it.i hope they add this to BL ..
  4. Dean Beecham

    Steam Updated

    30th March.
  5. Dean Beecham

    0.74 BUG

    Hi got wed to the Princess why in her Army not a lord. now I can not leave her Army. as we are wed it says that I am now a lord and the Marshal has aked me to join his campaign but I can leave her Army :oops:
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