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  1. HancockT35

    Emblems/Sigils Bugged

    Yeah, I own the heart and have it equipped but every time I load into the game it loads the star. Maybe I'm alone but the Emblems aren't working for me
  2. HancockT35

    Would it be possible to get a small leak?

    End of Match Screen Similarly, a new end-of-match screen is in the works which will give a more detailed summary of each game, including awards for players that achieve impressive feats during a match or otherwise excel in different areas of combat and the game mode. As a man who does stats...
  3. HancockT35

    When will the next Statement be released

    Now that 1.6.10 is about to come out and the duel mode came out when do we get the next statement on what will be upcoming and specifics on what will be coming.
  4. HancockT35

    Question on 1.6.1 Perks

    One of the perks for 1.6.1 Is named Generous Lord. If you have someone that is dead completely out of the round but your generous lord Vlandian Knight kills someone and they get enough gold to spawn let's say like a minute and a half of being dead, Will they be able to spawn again mid-round...
  5. HancockT35

    [NADL] Faction/Map Matchups

    NADL Matchups Round One Loser Round One Round Two Loser Round Two Finals
  6. HancockT35

    [NADL] Team Thread

    Teams and Rosters Banner Team Roster Team Shock Thrax Beeflips Fearspear DirtySavage Purple Eailene Seducing Vocals Hender Percival The Midnight Watch Chowski Plug Jukebox Arni Incanuth Etonviper VikingActual LEM()N ChristopherR High Ping Warriors Imperator DragonKing Hancock...
  7. HancockT35

    Suggestions to Solve Mirror Matchups (Colour)

    Sometimes when im playing captain or skrimish it can be very hard to tell who is on who's team if its like Aserai vs Aserai. So im suggesting you add a option that lets you edit the colour of the enemy team if its a mirror. For example if its Aserai vs Aserai you could have a option in your...
  8. HancockT35

    [NADL] Questions, Suggestions, Feedback

    Questions, Suggestions, Feedback Post any suggestions or feedback you have on this thread. We will also try to answer any questions you may have here, but you can also directly contact one of the tournament administrators. Please read through all posts on the thread carefully before posting to...
  9. HancockT35

    [NADL] League Bracket

    League Table Challonge Link If you are confused on what a Double Elimination Tournament is: A double-elimination tournament is a type of elimination tournament competition in which a participant ceases to be eligible to win the tournament's championship upon having lost two games or matches...
  10. HancockT35

    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Sign-ups If you are interested in playing in the North American Draft League sign up at the bottom using the suggested sign-up template. The current tournament is planned to be a four-team tournament with 36 total players. (Full Disclosure) The Admin team as well as captains and backup...
  11. HancockT35

    [NADL] Stat Sheet

    North America Draft League Stat Sheet The NADL stat sheet is due to constant change and depending on when you look at it will display various levels of completion and will require the full completion of the tournament to reach its completion. NADL Stat Sheet
  12. HancockT35

    [NADL] Administration

    Administration Hancock Steam TaleWorlds Melon Steam TaleWorlds
  13. HancockT35

    [NADL] Rules and Regulations

    Rules & Regulation Behavior Rules Individual Conduct (1) In order to maintain a serious and professional environment players must be respectful and polite towards their opponents. If a player shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity he or she will be punished by the...
  14. HancockT35

    Question On Spectator

    I asked this like a year ago and obviously im assuming things have changed so I was curious if spectator in BL will work as it does in Dota 2, CSGO, LOL or really any game with spectator. In terms of global data in the game for example Dota 2: In Dota 2 you can look at essentially any...
  15. HancockT35

    More Gamemodes

    Game needs more gamemodes like King of the Hill, Capture the flag, and a actual Duel mode, Maybe some weird fun infection game mode **** even a battle royale/hunger games. Would be fun to get more stuff
  16. HancockT35

    Beta 1.5 Archery

    Here are all the changes made that affect archer directly. (Sorry if I missed any) (General) Made bows a bit less accurate when released instantly (This won't affect AI too much. Will make it harder (but not impossible) for players to hit feet or around shields.) Multiplayer Only: Made bows...
  17. HancockT35

    Block Delay

    This horse has already been beaten a million times I know. But I am currently making a list of everyone who hates it and seeing if the list can get big enough to actually do anything iv been making the list for roughly 1-2 hours and its at 130 people, So I thought id quicken the pace a tiny bit...
  18. HancockT35

    Khuzait Needs help

    All these stats are taken from the NABB Stat sheet ( Overall on all maps combined they are 4-12 ( On Trading post they are 0-4...
  19. HancockT35

    NA servers

    I live in Edmonton and I usually have like 70 ping which is already brutal but idk why in the last 2-3 weeks its been horrid connection wise for me. Maybe moving the server to Chicago could help (:
  20. HancockT35

    Stat Sheet

    Message From Surreal (Idk why I have to do it for Him but his lazy) Hello, I made a New and updated stat sheet the old one I felt like had a lot of fundamental flaws, As well as a lot of people were in the 80's and 90's when that rating IMO, Should be left for people performing at a High level...
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