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  1. Rungsted93

    Early Access vs Full Release

    First of all, what a relief we've finally got a release date! So excited to finally play the game. However as many others I'm a bit confused about the Early Access part. I guess you're probably going to answer this in some interviews, but in case not what type of EA will it be? Like a beta...
  2. Rungsted93

    Co-op Campaign conspiracy

    So let me start off with this is a post about why I think co-op campaign will be in Bannerlord! I might have gone a bit overboard in terms of "evidence" but I do think a pattern is showing. At first let me start off with what we've seen from Gamescon footage: The cities/towns can now be...
  3. Rungsted93

    Bannerlord BattleRoyale Idea

    First of all someone else suggested this in a thread which gave me the idea to create a proper plan of how this would work and play while being original and offer a fresh take on the genre. -100 Players Taleworlds proved with Warband that they could easily do 100+ players working in multiplayer...
  4. Rungsted93

    Custom troops?

    Hey just wondering if there's been any confirmation about custom equipment of troops? Would be nice to have this feature in case you go independent. Also even being a vassal having your own custom "Household guards" where you equip them yourself would be cool. Should be more expensive and...
  5. Rungsted93

    King of the World (My own game) (Now F2P)

    Updated: The game is basically a standalone version of the various RISK maps from WC3 and SC2. So if you're into Real-time strategy this might be worth checking out for you!                                                                                                                    ...
  6. Rungsted93

    Armourer theme

    Hey i've been searching for a while now after the source of the "armourer_lic" soundtrack :) I saw somewhere that it was bought through shockwave sound but after spending hours there looking for it i gave up. The same track was also used in Bannerlord Engine video...
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