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  1. DarkAnd

    What is worng whit this code?

    I have gone past the last 3 hours trying to find out what was causing a bug which made the player dont spawn, just to end up geting a "list indices must be intregers" error.
  2. DarkAnd

    Bugs I found

    The bugs I found in beta. The invasion arrives in 5 days, may be intentional. My village has negative population, yes I still get troops from my castle. Imperial troops are classified has archers, (remove guarantee ranged tag and give them a LOT of javelin entries, it may fix it.) Some lords...
  3. DarkAnd

    Loyalist or revolutionary?

    Which side you have chosen? To help the claimant or to stay oath bounded loyal to the king? No sexual motives please, your Issola's lovers. I am a nord, and I personally hate Letwin, he never fought and is BEARDLESS, can someone believe in a BEARDLESS nord??? Post your trough and opinions, it...
  4. DarkAnd

    One thing I noticed...

    While playing custom battle mod for 960, guess what I found: SWADIANS NO LONGER SUCK It looks like vaegirs are the suckers now, I understand giving swadian cavalry better stats and such to defeat vaegirs and khergits, but, c'mon, giving sergeants a boost so they can kill guards is bull****, give...
  5. DarkAnd

    SP Native Expanded native mod

    NO RELEASE YET I AM TO LAZY TO WORK ON IT TODAY Since I locked the other topic and I don't know how to unlock it I will make a new one, so here it goes: After reading trough the suggestion's forum I came up whit new ideas that inspired me to make a new version of this mod for the newest...
  6. DarkAnd

    Should screenshot heavy post be forced on spoiliers?

    1st: I searched, couldn't find anything but a topic talking about spoilers shouldn't be heavily used for useless things like this: 2nd I personally think that people whit slow internet suffers from screenshoot heavy posts like mod topics and others, I suggest that posts whit five or more...
  7. DarkAnd


    O que você acha desse fdp desse técinico bunda dunga?
  8. DarkAnd


    I am having a litle trouble whit my rebelion, well I conquered everything but wercheg, while I was gathering my 5 lords to fitgh against his 800 men garison, the swadians come whit 12 war partyes and conquered it, now I am stuck whit 5 lords and a parasite on my party, what was suposed to hapen...
  9. DarkAnd

    Qual time você torce?

    Qual time de futebol você torce? (não puis votação porque vo acaba esquecendo a metade) não vale chingar a menos que seja um corinthiano (sarcasmo)
  10. DarkAnd

    Greek phalanx?

    Abou the phalanx, I would like to know what are you planning about the greeks, they will keep has they are, or they will get biger spears (3 meters) and will get a phalanx too? Just some troutghs, however, half the factions will have phalanx, while others like sarmatians romans and gauls, will...
  11. DarkAnd

    wich video capturating software you'd recomend?

    Well, I tried fraps, but it only records 30 seconds, so which one you recommend?
  12. DarkAnd

    What I should use to edit a texture?

    Since I formated the computer, I don't have photoshop, so is there any free program that I can use do edit a texture? All I have is paint... PS: I want something to EDIT, not OPEN the texture files.
  13. DarkAnd

    SP Native Expanded native mode released WARNING SCREENSHOT FLOD

    This mod is my try to fix some of mostly native needs. The thing that mostly anoy me is spears, they are ****ing slow and do low damage, so all spears are 50% faster. Another thing was the rodoks, they suck so hard, and the spears makes them suck even more, so all rhodok seargeants now got 1...
  14. DarkAnd

    I should be less flamer?

    ^ topic, I should flame less people?
  15. DarkAnd

    module info problem

    ok, everytime I try to compile my mod this nice error apears: I just did a smal change to module scripts, increasin the cance of war and chancing the ai tatics, I also tried whit the original module sistem whitout any changes just the module info, any help is apreciated. this is my module...
  16. DarkAnd

    Congratulations on the sub-forum

    Congratulations on the sub-forum! You deserved it!
  17. DarkAnd

    Range of crossbows

    Anyone can tell me what was the max range of crossbows? I heard that they have smaller range than bows, but are more powerful than them, I have a small theory whitout any sources and proves that a crossbow in fact have bigger range than a bow. However, they needed to be shoot at very high angles...
  18. DarkAnd

    Help me, Overwriten back-up

    I instaled graphical expansion package and by mistake overwiten the files in the back up, someone whiling to help me?
  19. DarkAnd

    Problem whit the post count of the forums.

    3 weeks ago I became A Sergeant Knight at Arms which requires 1050 posts, now either I spamed to much or there is a problem with the system, because now I am whit 1383 posts (1384 with this topic) which is more than enough to become a master Knight. DarkAnd was here.
  20. DarkAnd

    Scale tool How to use it

    How do I use the in-game editor scale tool, I am trying to fix tihir 2 walls, but the first wall has been scale, and I by mistake deleted 4 batlements, I already changed to much to restart.
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