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  1. Abbakus_86

    Need More Info Crash to Desktop while playing siege mode

    Summary:Crash to desktop with and error.Message added Edit:game were still running after crash dump. How to Reproduce: Playing siege mode Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:WINDOWS 10 GPU:gtx 750 TI GPU Driver Version:471.11 CPU:AMD FX 6350 RAM:8 gb...
  2. Abbakus_86

    In Progress Visual Bug

    Summary:Using small throwables as spear is causing this visual bug, it looks like its on air How to Reproduce:Use small javelins as spear Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  3. Abbakus_86

    Need More Info Graphical bug

    Summary:Visuals gone on campaign map How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:Tulpar T7 22.1 Gaming Laptop OS:Windows 10 Pro (Build 19042) GPU:Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU 6 Gb GPU Driver Version:466.11...
  4. Abbakus_86

    Need More Info Unresolved extreme ram and cpu usage problem

    Summary:Basically game tanks performance in respect to cpu and ram usage but mainly ram, here are some differences between 3 times back to back results with ram usage(its atrocious).Fyi ram usage only goes up regardless of graphical options you choose. How to Reproduce: Play the game Scene...
  5. Abbakus_86

    Resolved Game uses all 32 gb ram out of nowhere, do you guys wanna cook my pc up?

    Summary:Game uses all my ram out of nowhere then i have to close it via task manager,i have taken a ss when the usage got lowered to 20 gb. I also play it with lowest settings How to Reproduce:Just play the game Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:Tulpar T7 22.1...
  6. Abbakus_86

    No Siege or TDM server on EU

    Servers are keep crashing when its loading next map, then disappears entirely.Is there any fix in works atm?
  7. Abbakus_86

    Can i get a refund too?

    I have 2k hours in Bannerlord, saw other shameless threads and i want my money back. send help
  8. Abbakus_86

    At least this is not a Cyberbug 2076

    I have no hope for any other game right now please make this game great. Please please give me something to do like marriage ceremony, feast, plotting, assasinations etc. Make prisoners worth something to barter with, apparently javelins i make are more important than anything i offer you would...
  9. Abbakus_86

    Resolved Game Crashes after every match ending in tdm and siege servers

    After 1.5.4 patch the game constantly crashing after every match.
  10. Abbakus_86

    Khuzait Nomad

    I have looked at the 1.5.5 changes for khuzaits but khuzait will still suck with those changes.Please give the Khan's Guard Glaive to the Nomad. At least that way khuzaits will have a chance in sieges.
  11. Abbakus_86

    What Bannerlords Multiplayer needs for the its chat and chat related stuff

    I was not going go futher on this but fietta my self-righteous buddy here it goes: 1-Chat needs a word filter like in "forums" 2-A global mute option 3-Better reporting system with the addition of EXACT date and EXACT reason for the ban. i don't even understand why you didn't add a global...
  12. Abbakus_86

    Can you lift the ban from my account?

    yesterday i saw a 7 days of ban from game
  13. Abbakus_86

    In Progress Minor visual bugs in character, blacksmith and inventory screens

    -All items visuals messed up -Unresponsive when switching weapon components for reforging, seems bugged -When switching inventory categories visuals get bugged -Inventory capacity symbol not there. -Various visual bugs in character screen?
  14. Abbakus_86

    The guy that really deserves the ban

    Could you guys ban this guy "ClintonSided" really. He is flooding the chat with "kys hackers" every single day at siege. He is saying all kind of racist sh*t you can think of and he is still there despite all the reports. I don't care if he is trolling no troll make this much of an effort to...
  15. Abbakus_86

    Bugged or whose great idea is this?

    Why do you change the Battanian siege map B wall for worse.? Almost every time all siege equipments get destroyed before we get there by defenders after that you can't even break it with melee weapons (before the update you can). Are you gonna change this?
  16. Abbakus_86

    What the hell TW? Why i am getting banned for?

    I have been playing the game since day 1 and i am getting banned just typing <snip> in the chat. Seriously? All the garbage people out there spitting their ****ty racist idealogies out there are still there not getting a ban but i said the most unspeakable word for some reason. I have played...
  17. Abbakus_86

    Resolved Siege slots are missing

    When i siege sometimes not every time some of the slots are missing also if i stop there save and exit, the save gets corrupted.An example:
  18. Abbakus_86

    Need More Info Flags are black on the Castle and City Walls

    What title says in 1.5.2 beta flags are black
  19. Abbakus_86

    In Progress Battanian Castle layout performance issues

    In beta 1.5.2 patch i see great change of performance, i can actually fight at least for an hour without getting stutters now while 1000 men fighting however this battanian castle layout has a great performance issue.I thought at first i have to lower my settings to lowest setting or men count...
  20. Abbakus_86

    Resolved Crafted 2h weapon texture bug

    Some of the crafted 2h weapons blade part does not disappear from the characters back after drawing weapon The screenshot of it
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