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  1. Dean Beecham

    If not Bannerlord .......... then what is the current " best MB experience " ?

    Prophesy of Pendor is the best ever. I really wish that it would be available for bannerlord.
    Yep with you ... i played well over 1000hr with that Mod . and would love to see it come to BL when its done.
  2. Dean Beecham

    Next New Big Feature after Campaign Battle Maps and Keep Battle? (W/Dev Replies)

    Returned to following Bannerlord more closely again recently and it's good to see they made some performance increases in 1.6. However I still feel that since beta start though, there has not been enough focus on implementing actual new gameplay "features & mechanics".

    I have seen it stated TW main priority is stability and performance and I fully understand the urgent nature of those but all that aside, without a long-term roadmap, we don't actually know what new "features" are coming until they are announced. Why? Is the current strategy *keep adding stuff as you go" before x deadline and we ship the game? Is it a time issue? Are mods seen internally as being the meat on the bones in terms of content and things to do outside of the current battle loop?

    I also don't feel "managing false expectations" is a healthy reason to withhold what new features TW plans to implement by final release. No matter how upsetting, 95% of normal minded players can take it if every single feature doesn't make the final 1.0 release, we know this game is being designed as a mod platform and clarity or more hints and teases on what is in the pipleline would be great. Can't we be teased a little?

    The sceners & model creators seem to be one of the best teams in TW, making fantastic villages and visually pleasing map so I have confidence the upcoming position based battle maps will be a great addition. Then I assume keep battles will be added in afterwards, then finally the undisclosed feature that has been stopping the addition of banners up to this point.

    Beyond that Is there any plan to implement more new features or perhaps highly requested player ones? Maybe even integrate (with mod creator permission/help) the best current mods that should actually reasonably be in base game, into base game. I'm thinking one like RTS mod, refactoring the code if it is using any cheeky shortcuts etc.

    Love this game so really hope there will be a big feature dump in future to flesh out the great work the simulation, graphics and scene creators have done.
    with you on this and RTS Mod should be added to base game 100%
  3. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I became Queen of S/Emp its mid game and now i can not marry Family to any one , also Lords dont seem to get new Horses after they lose them in battle .. Also i have to dismantle a party member so i can replace there horse . we need to be able to get to Comp and Family inventory when they have there own Party.
  4. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I get a naked view of my character in inventory screen before the armour loads. That's nice when people are watching me play the game over my shoulder.
    you have the Rome mod on by the sounds of it, thats the only time i have seen that .
  5. Dean Beecham

    SP Native Freelancer Mod - Being a Regular Soldier

    As I promised to some, I published one last update. Although I was planning to give this for 1.5.10, seeing that TW still didn't release both 1.5.10 and 1.6.0 to stable, I choose to go with 1.6.0 since I'm guessing it has more players at the moment. For your information, this is an absolute final version meaning that there won't be any more updates even if 1.6.0 gets wrecked with a hotfix ( happened before )
    • Changelog for Version 1.2.5​

      • I was going to make this patch for 1.5.10 only but several people asked for 1.6.0 instead, and since TW still didn't release 1.5.10 to stable, I decided to finalize it for 1.6.0. Hence this is a FINAL patch. There won't be any extra patch ( even if 1.6.0 gets a hotfix that breaks something, this is still final and there won't be anything else )
      • Only tested for e1.6.0.273005
      • Fixed an issue that was causing the system not to count the kills after you take a
    Nice one Bloc .. Thanks again from all of us. I think 1.6 will go live and be there for some time.
  6. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    In 1.6.1 we will have the region map system that I have been waiting for so long?
  7. Dean Beecham

    SP Native Ultimate Mounts

    Thanks for letting us no i did try the mod in 1.6 as i use it in 1.5.9 but got a crash 3 times and ended taking it of ..hope you or some one can sort it out. i no nothing any way thanks for this mod i loved using this ..good luck
  8. Dean Beecham

    It's been months - Why is death in battle STILL only enabled in player battles? It ultimately ruins every playthrough.

    Completely agree, this is the singular issue preventing me from firing up a new campaign. Realizing my play through was ultimately doomed due to lord extinction, really killed my motivation to continue. I hope it gets adjusted soon.
    Playing 1.6 i am t3 and part of a kingdom had about 15 battles with Lords apart of my Army and no one has died yet. so there has been some changes
  9. Dean Beecham

    e1.6.0-e1.6.3 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    @Bloc Hei dude,your modding capabilities are insanely good.
    I,personally,didn't use many mods in my gameplay,none of yours.
    I will,however,try your mods when I get a new PC.

    But I'll take the liberty to speak for everyone.
    If you are truly done with modding,you'll be missed,but nonetheless we appreciated your efforts and your creations.
    I really hope you inspired someone to pick up your mantle if and when you leave.

    Goodluck in the future,buddy!
  10. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    @Dejan , Hello can I recommend changing Village production icons appear upon pressing ALT, its only useful in certain situations and wont overload map appearance, thx
    I like the way TW has done this so much better to see what i can get by looking at the map.
  11. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Is there an ETA on 1.5.10 moving to main?
    I also would like to support a notion I saw in a reply to the 1.6.0 post, someone asked to skip 1.5.10 and immediately moving 1.6.0 to main. (This probably won't happen, but a guy can dream.)
    yep with you on that 1.6 is so much better all round game runs great and 1.5.10 was so sluggish but thats up to TW
  12. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    When it comes to 1.6, at first I was very disappointed with the lack of content. However when the dust has settled and I have time to process it what matters most to me? Performance......I have an I-5 9th gen processor and a Geforce 1066 6gb card and I have most graphics maxed with 1,000 battle size and I can stream or record in 1080p HD with no problems. So while I would love more content when it comes down to it performance matters most, remember the menu pauses we just had. This hands down is one of the best performance patches they have dropped so if they will drop patches like this. then the lack of content can wait and be slower, so my honest, unbiased opinion people know I give, well done TW. I'll take content slower if it means amazing performance. Well done to the whole team
  13. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I just love the IronMan it makes the game play more like WB no more save spam as i could but now you have to think shall i join the battle ..with that and the new smith 2 nice parts thats been added and as i play i am sure i will see more.
  14. Dean Beecham

    On Crafting Orders

    crafting orders are really a great addition to the game - hope you will expand on this with armor and bow crafting
    now that would be nice. But i am sure the mods will do that
  15. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I bought this early access after watching a Spiffing Brit video about how broken the game is. It's over a year later and slightly less broken and I'd still buy it early access. If they want to release a $20 elephant DLC I'll buy that too.

    The broken game is still more fun than lots of cheaper not broken games. The first PC game I ever bought in 1991 for $50, UMS II, was so broken you couldn't play more than 10 or so turns before the AI got stuck. I'd still buy it again too.

    The biggest recent complaint is mods and looks like they really tried to do something about it this time even if it isn't everything wished for.
  16. Dean Beecham

    On Crafting Orders

    I like what you have done in the smithy, it works well i would like to see more added but for now great work and thanks for the changes it was needed .
  17. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    been playing for about 3hrs now with the new 1.6 .. performance so much better best its been nice work.. The smith love what you have done there so much better.... also some nice touches still alot to look at as i started new game and not t1 yet keep up the good work.
  18. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Just in from Work. Thanks for the 1.6 and the hard work you are doing ..... nice to see you gave the mod guys more to work with. now to give this a go.
  19. Dean Beecham

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I can not remember seeing a combat test on there before.Hmmmm.
  20. Dean Beecham

    The epitome of the catastrophical "design" decisions - the lack of Court

    I have made a post about banners. Others have made a post about rebellions. Countless others about the lacking battles, sieges, and so on.

    But I have yet to come across constructive criticism about the lack of a royal Court. In Warband, setting up your court was the first thing you'd do when founding a Kingdom. It would give you something that being a vassal would not give, a real sense of mechanical and physical authority. In there you would have your minister, to whom you'd say your wishes, and it was even more so expanded in the Diplomacy mod (inclusion of this mod was the bare minimum for diplomacy expectations of BL for me, and to see it so undone really hurts). By installing it you'd get a Constable, a Chamberlain etc.. In that sense, you could go to your capital to discuss matters of finance, taxes, recruitment, strategy, alliances, marshallship, feasting, fief-conferring and war. There you would recieve nobles indicted for treason or ones crossing over because they have lost their fiefs. There would also be ladies whom you could court if you didnt have a wife already. It was most of all a tool of immersiveness, something to do other than war.

    What do we have in Bannerlord? You are a "king". It doesnt matter where you stay, your siblings or children are scattered about. Finances are non-existent. Recruitment tasks are non-existent. The title of the royal marshall is non-existent, and so is the political struggle behind it. Fief votes are done in a menu. Votes on policy are done in a menu too, both using the "Influence" as a currency rather than something you actually do and project. You have no ministers, no titles you could appoint your companions to such as constables. You dont manage alliances and engage in any diplomacy whatsoever because they don't exist, and if they did you would do it in a menu. You recruit people yourself, and your vassals also manage garrisons and castles horribly. For courting ladies you pass artificial and overly mechanical checks, you don't court them. No poetry to learn, no tourneys to dedicate. You don't ever hold a feast and meet heads of clans and their families because the design director apparently doesn't find it useful. No estranged nobles reside in your court in search of a new liege lord, you instead find the clan head somewhere in the woods and buy his loyalty by giving him 4 very long javelins.

    So, here is my suggestion, so some TW employee cannot say I didn't communicate what I want. 1) Slow down the pace of the war/peace declarations to make time for feasts, ruling and relation-building, 2) introduce the concept of the court as described above, preferrably using the Warband Diplomacy Mod as a guide, so we have time to actually enjoy the things in the game. The pace of time itself, as in 80 days a year, I don't find problematic. So what if years pass? This is actually good.

    BL focused too much on the wrong things. These aren't surface issues. These things imply a deep conceptual misunderstanding of the success of the previous game by the design decision-makers. For it to be fixed there needs to be a fundamental fix in understanding of the game. A compromise can sadly not be done on such things, as it would not include anything of value of the either side of the arguement.
    With you on this 100% .. but i think we will be waiting until TW gets the game stable . then the Mod guys will come into play and give us what is needed. its a shame .
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